Weekend Plans: August 23

Good morning ... It's officially the weekend.


1) As with any weekend, physical activity is included.  This weekend is a yoga class and a long run.  

2) Have you seen the show "Orange is the New Black"? It's available on Netflix and it's totally binge-worthy.  I watched the entire first season in less than a week (there are 13 one-hour episodes) and just started reading the book.  The new season comes out in March, so you have time to catch up!  

3) While reading, I snack.  For this weekend, I have Puffins cereal.  Have you tried them? They come in many flavors and I went with the original this time. (Peanut Butter is really yummy!) A serving has 5g of sugar so it satisfies my sweet tooth without overloading on the sugar.

4) Haircut! I cut my hair into bangs around this time last year and I've been working to grow them out.  But, I found this great haircut on Katie Holmes, and now I'm debating if I trim the bangs back and go for this cut. Hmmm.  

5) Birthday celebration! On Sunday, I have a cookout with friends and family to celebrate August birthdays.  I usually bake or prepare something to take, but I was asked to bring veggie burgers, so I most likely won't be cooking and baking this weekend.  I'm also giving the ice cream maker a break... it's been on overdrive.

Enjoy your weekend!