Fall 2013 Fashion Week in Photos

Most years, I'll spend 4-5 days in New York City for Fashion Week, but this year I was in the Big Apple for only 2, and spent more time at parties and meetings, than I did at the shows.  Each and every time I travel to Manhattan, I fall more in love with "the city that never sleeps."  There are great stores and restaurants, seemingly, down every street and when you're with great friends, there are always new memories to be made with each and every moment.   

Another difference this year was hotel. It sounds trivial, but location matters when there's a limited amount of time in the day and everyone else in the city is in the same rush I find myself in whenever I step out the door of my hotel room.  The days fly by at a rate faster than this past summer. I find myself caffeinated constantly and dehydrated more frequently.  This year, I stayed in midtown, rather than downtown as I have in years past.  What a difference! Despite the heat, I was able to walk to Rockefeller Center, Times Square and Lincoln Center, all places I needed to be during the week.  I also found myself in the Chelsea neighborhood (which I love and where I've staying in year's past) and TriBeCa, an area with which I wasn't too acquainted, but found an instant admiration with the downtown neighborhood. 

I derive an energy from New York that is unlike any place on earth, but always come home exhausted, no matter the length of the stay.  I'm happy to have the weekend to catch up some much needed rest and relaxation.  Some photos from the trip are below.