Dude Food

In our household, I'm the primary cook/chef/food purchaser which means heavy on the fruits, veggies and whole grains.  But, this can be tricky.  You see, we eat, for the most part, at different ends of the food spectrum. 

Him: Meat and potatoes, seafood, southern style cuisine.  

Me: vegetarian, nuts & seeds, whole (mostly organic) foods.  

See the challenge?  

Most often, I create one meal where I'll eat a salad and the veggie sides, occasionally, it's 100% same dinner (veggie pad Thai with tofu is the go-to favorite) and sometimes the situation calls for two separate meals.

But, there are things that tend to be "girl food" and some that falls into the "dude food" category.  For example, beef jerky (dude) and cupcakes (girl).  There are of course plenty of men who enjoy cupcakes and women who enjoy beef jerky, but you get the idea.   

Alan Richman of GQ Magazine put together a list of the 50 Best Things to Eat and Drink Right Now.  Take a look and see if there are any that fall into the Girl/Dude category in your house. (I found that in my case, most of these are "Dude Foods") 

Crispy Hominy via  GQ

Crispy Hominy via GQ

Most of the recipes I post either fall into either the "Girl Food" category or a combo of the Girl/Dude food, but very few find their way onto the Dude Food list.  Until Now. These "food for your 'fella" recipes are ones that guys love, food that his mom always made growing up or a healthy twist on his favorite meals. 

Does your 'fella have a favorite meal or one that needs some healthful changes? Send them them to Genuine Joy and we will prepare, test and healthfully improve as needed.

Is your house the same where you eat different meals or do you and your spouse/partner eat the same?