Fall Shopping and the Shoe Problem

Confession.  I have a thing with shoes. I love them.  But here's the problem - I love the look of shoes that I struggle to walk in, so I most often turn to flats.  However, I keep buying shoes that I love but continue to wear ones that are comfortable.  See the dilemma?

Aquazzura sparkles

The second part of this issue is that I don't like throwing them away or donating them, because I have a fear that as soon as I do, I'll want to wear them again.  (Side note: did you see that FOMO -- Fear Of Missing Out -- was added to the dictionary? Apparently, I have FOMO when it comes to shoes).  

I'm not a club goer, nor do I spend much (read: any) time in bars, so when I do get dressed up for a night on the town, it's either for dinner or an event.  Dinner usually means wearing a casual dress or dark jeans with heals.  An event is usually cocktail attire or something "on-trend," such as leather leggings, but I tend to buy shoes that "I like" but don't have places in which to wear them.  Then, I don't like to throw them away, because what if an event comes up and I've gotten rid of those one pair of shoes that would be perfect with the evening's ensemble.  See where this is going? Ey-yi-yi.

My friend and style expert, Naina Singla (read her Fall Essentials here) came over to help me with some outfit planning.  It was a huge success.  It's always helpful to have a fresh set of eyes on something that I look at day in and day out.  Same goes for a college paper or a business proposal -- it's great to have a second opinion and a new perspective of someone you trust. When it comes to clothes, enter a stylist.  

Nania helped me shop my closet and for a few hours, we drank coffee and pulled out pieces that I liked, but with which I was struggling to recreate new looks.  When we started pairing shoes with ensembles, she looked at me and said "I think you're good on shoes."   (** Sidebar: I get it honestly.  My maternal grandmother passed it onto my mom, who passed it onto me.  My cousin is the same way, which is how I know it's clearly genetic.)

We wrapped up the session and a few days later Naina sent a summary of ways that I can jazz up my wardrobe, such as the addition of a scarf or adding a third color.  The piece that continues to pop up from our afternoon is the concept of "make a list" before shopping.  Why? Because it prevents me from buying 1) pieces I don't need (usually they're a ridiculous bargain and I feel as if I can't walk out without it) or 2) pieces that don't fit with anything else in my closet.  If there are unique pieces that are tough to pair up, it's best to leave them in the store.  Items such as a denim shirt, black ankle boots and a black blazer are anchors that can go with almost anything and ones that I'll wear often. 

I took my list and went shopping this weekend in search of the items to add for Fall, which include:  

  • Ankle boots
  • Moto jacket
  • Leopard print heels and/or flats
  • Long gold necklace or a few layering pieces
  • Silver statement necklace

You know what I came home with? These. 

Sorry Naina.  I couldn't help myself.  


In my defense, her instructions were "Quality over Quantity," with which I agree.  But, these are all great quality, so that counts, right?

The bronze- metallic shoes are considered a neutral, as I can wear them with almost anything, and I've been eying the brogue shoes for some time... the glittery sparkles might not find a permanent home in my closet, as I don't have many pieces to support the purchase (they don't go with anything).  It's tough to teach an old dog new tricks... one day at a time.

I highly recommend having a gal pal whose style you like or hiring a stylist to come in for a few hours, and go shopping in your own closet.  Nosh on some snacks, sip on some coffee and have fun with it.  What do you have to lose, right?

Check out Naina's site here, which lists her contact information and services. I enjoyed her upbeat, happy demeanor and I liked that she didn't make fun of my shoe obsession.  Her advice was helpful. I felt that she truly valued my feedback on outfits.   I didn't want someone to come in and create their look for me, but was welcome to guidance to refine and polish my own personal style, which is just what she did.  Thank you, Naina!

Do you make a list when you shop or just head out and see what you can find? Until next time...