Scratch DC Brunch

This weekend, I made one of the easiest (and tastiest) recipes.  From start to finish, the preparation and cooking only took 20 minutes.  That's right.  Twenty minutes for me to get a meal for two on the table. I would say that clean up took a few minutes, but the plates were practically licked clean, which meant simply placing them in the dishwasher.  Clean up complete.

Easy Peasy Directions  

ScratchDC, a local food delivery service, shows area residents that "making the best meals of your life easy." The company was founded by foodies, who wanted to take the hassle out of creating incredible meals at home.  Here's how. 

The creators put together a weekly menu.  From that menu, you, the consumer, can select which (or all) you would like delivered to your home or office.  One meal is offered each day. For example, Tuesday night calls for Coconut Shrimp (you can sub out the shrimp for tofu) and is the only meal available on Tuesday.  The scratchDC team will even deliver the box of food to your door at a time of your choosing (there is a 20 minute window, which is WAY more manageable than the 4-hour window given by the cable guy).  The food driven company has offered their boxed dinner menu for a few months, but just this past weekend launched their brunch option. I was thrilled to give it a try! Sourced from local purveyors, the team marinades, chops the veggies and prepares the ingredients the morning of the delivery to ensure freshness.  You can order a box up until 9pm for same day delivery (while supplies last).  They drop off the package at your front door and the rest is up to you.

Worried that it won't turn out? Don't fret.  The team puts together a detailed instruction sheet, which even encourages  "reading the recipe in full so there are no surprises." Brilliant.

The twine wrapped #BrunchBundle was delivered on Friday and came with every ingredient needed to complete the brunch, right down to the salt. Directions were fun and spirited, using words like "awesome" and "sexy sauce," while encouraging cooks to snap a few "social media worthy pics" to share. There's a young, fun feel to the company and the way it delivers it's creations. 

Ingredients included: Everything, down to the salt, was included in the delivery.

Chilaquiles were on the menu.  It was my first time making the popular Tex Mex meal, and was motivated to try the recipe due in part to the strait forward method. The one (and only) substitution I made was swapping out the provided vegetable oil for my own coconut oil. Oh, and the cookies (2 raw cookie dough balls) didn't even make it to the oven.  I ate them while cooking. They were just as delicious raw as I imagine they would have been baked! 

Verdict? Amazing! It was easy and delicious.  If you're a novice in the kitchen, this is a great tool to up your cooking skills.  If you're an experienced chef it's a great time saver when you're in a rush.  Having out of town guests or want to cook for someone special but aren't sure where to start?  Here, this is where to start.  These boxes are an excellent alternative to take-out.        

#BrunchBundle Chilaquiles

If you're in DC, check them out.  The brunch is delivered on Friday, but can live in the refrigerator through the weekend for whichever morning you choose. (Total transparency: I made it Sunday night for dinner and the ingredients were fresh.)  You can find more information on their website, scratchDC and follow them on Twitter

Bon appetit!