One Stop Fitness :: Classpass

By Briana Berg:

Some days I just want to go for a long run. Other days, it’s a gentle yoga class that my body needs. And as of recently, it’s been the high energy, adrenaline rush from a cycling class.  My workouts are all over the place, and the only constant seems to be that physical activity is a mandatory part of my daily routine.

For the past few months, I’ve struggled to find a studio or gym that I love or feels like home. Some studios have felt great, like Exhale, but the thought of committing to one type of workout day in and day out is unnerving (and I’m not afraid of commitment).  And the gyms in my area are pricey and at times extremely crowded.

Thankfully, I discovered ClassPassand I think I’ve found the answer to my workout dilemma. ClassPass gives you access to the best fitness studios in your city for one monthly rate. You can go to each studio up to 3 times a month, encouraging you to try new spots around your city. So yes, that means I can go to barre class at Exhale, cycling at Flywheel, and Barry’s Bootcamp, all for one price. 

And as of recently, I have been able to try new and different workouts. Rock climbing is on my ClassPass list this weekend as well as SurfSET Fitness classes – both are workouts I probably wouldn’t have tried if it weren’t for ClassPass. Next week, I’m trying ballet. The possibilities are endless and I am reveling in being able to train my body in ways never thought possible.

The best part about ClassPass is how easy it is to sign up and reserve space in classes. The website is easy to navigate and you can filter for classes by workout type, neighborhood, and date. The only caveat for me is that there is a $20 fee if you miss a class. So that means if you’re running late at work or are feeling under the weather, you may be slapped with a penalty fee. On the plus side, on a rainy Thursday night I still went to my Flywheel class even though the thought of leaving the couch was dreadful.

Either way, I highly recommend joining ClassPass even if it’s just for a few months. Who knows, you may find a new studio to call home!