Workouts for the Overworked

Everyone is busy and no one has time, but as an advocate of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, I truly believe there is time for the things that we deem most important. We all have 10-15 minutes in our day to take a break and do something positive for our physical and emotional well-being. In this post, I shared workouts that you can do while traveling, or even at home, if you need a change and are tired of the treadmill at your hotel's gym. 

Today's post take you a step further... workouts for the overworked.  Here are a few quick workouts you can do at your office desk or sitting at home if you only have 5-10minutes to spare. 

  1. 1-Minute Desk Workout (free, on IOS) or Office, Exercise & Stretch Pro (Android, $1.50) // Both apps show you simple stretches you can do right at your desk whenever you have a few minutes.
  2. Headspace (free, IOS and Android) // a guided meditation that tells you at what pace to breathe and where to place your hands.  Calm is another great app to help you quiet your mind.
  3. Seven (free, IOS and Android) // A sequence of 12 exercises performed for 30-seconds with a 10-second rest gives you a rocking 7-minute workout. You can unlock custom voices, such as a cheerleader or drill sergeant to help motivate and routines that target specific body parts.
  4. Sworkit (free for the basic edition or $4 for pro, IOS and Android) // You choose the amount of time you have available (5-45 minutes) and the type of exercise (yoga, cardio) and the app gives you a sequence of moves that are different each time you launch the service.  Talk about customizable fitness! 

So, no matter what your time allotment for the day, these apps have you covered! Is there one that I missed? Leave it in the comments below to share with other readers.