Corporate Style with Savvy Javvy

Savvy Javvy

Upon conclusion of New York Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to sit down with the lovely and uber stylish Savvy Javvy to talk about corporate fashion for the business chic woman. An advertising exec by day and a fashion enthusiast, juggling between street wear and corporate chic looks, Java shares with Genuine Joy what you should not wear in the workplace, what every woman should have in her chic closet and ways that you can translate "fashion" into your own "style." 

Genuine Joy:  Are there any trends that women should completely avoid in the workplace or do you believe that, if styled appropriately, everything has a place in corporate fashion?

Savvy Javvy: I have 5 ultimate no-nos in the corporate setting which are short skirts, sheer tops, fringe, fishnet tights, and printed tops. None of these belong in the office so keep them out of there! The one unconventional piece of clothing I love incorporating in the corporate office are crop tops. I know this sounds appalling, but if it is paired with a high-waisted skirt or trousers, it can look very elegant and fashion forward.

Genuine Joy: What are some "must have" career pieces for women to include in their wardrobe?

Savvy Javvy: Every business woman should have a fitted blazer, a black pant suit, a pencil skirt, a chic tote bag and a white blouse. My favorite and go-to blouse is one I picked up at Nordstrom and it is made by Equipment (here and here). They are a little on the pricier end, but they fit great and the quality is fantastic.

Genuine Joy: A lot of women struggle with the transformation of  "9-5 work attire" to "after work chic" if they're going for cocktails or dinner right from the office. Are there any tips or trick that you can provide to help them make the post-work transition?

Savvy Javvy: When I first started in the corporate world I made the mistake of buying clothes only for work or only for play. The shopping path I was going down was expensive and inefficient. I changed up my mindset while shopping and looked for items that I could see myself transition from day to night. The easiest thing to transition is your top, so I highly suggest shopping for tops you could see yourself wearing out at happy hour and just add layers to it to make it more conservative in the workplace.

I love low back tops and crop tops for nights out on the town, so the way I make these work is by wearing a high-waisted skirt with my crop tops and wearing a blazer or cardigan over my low back tops. Another great trick is if you have a low cut top in the front, just loosely wrap a scarf around your neck during the day to cover up your chest and at night time wear the scarf around your shoulders as a shawl.

Genuine Joy: What are some of the trends from the NYFW shows that are work appropriate?

Savvy Javvy: During fashion week I saw a lot of color blocking, icy pastels, camel colored coats, navy and burgundy. Also black and white and white on white looks have had a lot of longevity this past year and will be staying strong through the fall. Some items I am excited to bring into the office are muted blush colored pea coats, burgundy pencil skirts, blouses with different color blocking elements, double faced wrap coats (Joseph Altuzarra had a great navy blue and cobalt blue one walk the runway) and gold accessories. Try adding a gold belt to add some metallic flair to your outfit.

Genuine Joy: You have great style and I am a huge fan of Savvy Javvy! Can you tell the readers what they can expect when they go to your site? How do you see the site evolving and are there any fun projects/collaborations that you can share with Genuine Joy?

Savvy Javvy: Thank you! I am a huge fan of Genuine Joy and am honored that a fellow fashionista like you is interviewing me! As far as the Savvy Javvy site evolving, I am excited that down the pipeline I will have a celebrity make-up artist that will be contributing beauty posts that are tailored to the working woman. I have not yet announced that to my readers, so I'm sharing the 'inside scoop"  with Genuine Joy!

Want more? Head to Savvy Javvy and see how she styles her day-to-night looks, suggestions on appropriate interview attire and tips on entertaining business clients.