Puerto Rico Vacation

We had originally planned this trip for last year, but I came down with an awful ear infection and couldn't fly for a few weeks.  By the time we went to rebook, the ideal time to vacation in Puerto Rico had, unfortunately, come and gone.  We rescheduled for the same time this year, which came with a ton of travel for Doug leading up to the vacation.  Between the Super Bowl, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and the NFL Combine and conference in Indianapolis, Doug's internal time clock was completely out of whack and we were both in need of some sleep, sun and relaxation.

It was our first trip to the island of P.R., but definitely not our last.  Our hotel was phenominal (more on that later) and the weather was perfect -- sunny, 85, no humidity.  It's a tropical destination, an easy trip and there's no need for a passport or currency change, and by the second day, we had both decided that this would be an annual trip.

We woke up and worked out each morning before enjoying breakfast on the rooftop of our hotel.  After some coffee and reading, we headed to the beach, where we spent most of the day.  My favorite part of the beach was the man who walked around selling fresh coconut water.  And it was truly "fresh" -- he climbed the tree, grabbed the coconuts and hacked off the top of the nut with a machete.  I enjoyed the delicious water right out of natures container with a straw.

Here's a snapshot of our quick trip to the beautiful island: