2014: 4 Day Recap

My intention was to run Thursday morning, but my legs were crushed from the double leg-centric workouts on Wednesday, that it was more of a jog/walk.  The plan was do run a four-mile loop, which I still completed, but not by running.  I completed what I had sent out to do, just not in the manner in which I intended.  Sometimes, that happens.  On Friday morning, I went to my favorite yoga class - a 75-minute Ashtanga practice in Arlington. It had been a few days since I'd been to the studio, so it felt really good to stretch my body, focus on my breathing and flow through a class. 

After yoga, I gathered my things and headed to Richmond for a girls weekend with my three roommates from college.  Each year, we try to do a weekend together and catch up on life. Last year we were in Philly, this year Richmond and there's talk about a NYC trip next year.  We laugh at just how different our weekends are now, compared to our college days.  In college, we would go out around 10pm -- this weekend, we were in bed by 10pm! Oh, how the times they have a changed.

Saturday morning, my roommate and dearest friend, Kathy, got up and went for a walk before grabbing some coffee and breakfast.  We got ready and met our two friends, Kristin and Lee and headed down to Carytown, a cute shopping area outside the city.  With a lot of walking, we sat down to a healthy and delicious lunch at The Daily Kitchen, which I highly recommend if you find yourself in Richmond. 

We headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.  Before that, I hit the gym for an arms and abs workout. Dinner was at Postbellium, a restaurant that offered gluten free, vegetarian and food sourced from local farms. For a post dinner treat, Lee suggested Shyndigz... man, oh man.  Again, I broke the "no sugar for 30 days" and enjoyed a piece of salted caramel chocolate cake... and it was worth it.  I highly recommend all of the jaunts we visited while in Richmond.  

The next day, we took a walk around our alma mater, the University of Richmond and had brunch at D-Hall (short for Dining Hall). The dining center has completely changed from when attended school in Richmond, with Healthy Eating Guides, nutrition labels and gluten free/vegan/vegetarian options widely available. 

Before leaving town, I stopped by to say hello to my friends Eva and Izabela.  It was a beautiful day in Richmond, so Eva and I put on our tennis shoes and went for a 50 minute walk around Belle Island. It was nice to do something active and catch up at the same time and always great to see a dear friend.  She's one of those friends where time flies by quickly and by the end of the visit it feels as if we've solved the dilemma's of the world... or at least have come up with ideas on how to tackle the dilemma's in our world!

I stopped at Ellwood Thompson's for a salad and a kombucha before getting on the road.  All in all, a great weekend AND I was able to do something active and sweat everyday.  And the further into the month, the more I find my body craves the workout.  For example, on Saturday, after we got back to the hotel, I found myself calculating the time I had until dinner to see if I could get in a workout before we had to leave the hotel.  Ultimately, we weren't on a structured time frame (i.e. no reservation) so I knew that getting in a 30-minute circuit was doable.  I also knew if I sweated it out in the gym, I wouldn't feel as guilty if I splurged a little bit at dinner (and I didn't when we shared the order of flash fried Brussels Sprouts!)

Is anyone else craving the workouts? Until tomorrow...