Fitness Friday: A Confession

Happy Friday! I've been lax in writing the recap -- sorry -- but have been getting in a workout everyday.  Oh, yea... And I have a confession. 

Enjoy today... for today is all we have.

Monday was my legs and cardio circuit, followed by a fun lunch with some fabulous ladies.  My friend, Sara, is moving to NYC, so she gathered a group together and we met up at Kafe Leopold, in Cady's Alley, in Georgetown. 

On Tuesday, I did a 75-minute Ashtanga Class and called it a day.  During class, my body felt broken down and tired.  I found myself dropping to my knees during a few of the chaturanga (yoga push-ups) and I gave myself the permission to be present in the practice and accept that my body was, in that moment, tired.  For the last four weeks, I've been stepping up the workouts, adding strength and high intensity interval training and my body is feeling it.  I was told that it's because my body is trying to find that homeostatic state and reserve energy. By pushing through the tiredness and continuing along the path, I'm changing my metabolic rate and will start to see changes as my body uses my stored fat as energy and the muscle definition starts to appear.  All positive changes, but man... there are some days my body is tired.  Tuesday was one of them.

Wednesday morning I was up bright and early for an Arm & Ab workout.  I had completed this same workout two weeks ago, and I could see a difference on Wednesday. I struggled with commandos a few weeks ago, but was able to complete the set without taking a break. I like that I'm seeing progress -- it really is the small victories that make the journey so rewarding.

Yesterday morning was a short, but hilly, 4 mile run.  I started off S-L-O-W and was having a tough time shaking out the heavy feeling in my legs, which felt like cinder blocks.  But, I kept going and started feeling good around mile 2.5.  Kind of frustrating, but I reminded myself that by getting out there and running, even slowly, I was still "lapping everyone on the couch."  A slow, steady workout, is better than no workout at all. Last night we celebrated my sister and Mom's birthday so I'm slow moving this morning after getting home late last night.

Whitney and Mom get some help from Taylor and Connor, while blowing out their birthday candles.  In lieu of a cake, which would have provided lots of left overs, we went for cupcakes and small tarts with organic strawberries for dessert. 

Today is a full body workout, which includes jump rope, more commandos, burpees and mountain climbers with a push up.  Usually, I also add in a 75-minute yoga class, but it's not going to happen today.  Tomorrow, I'm checking out solidcore with some friends and I'm looking forward to the challenge! It's supposed to be a super intense Pilates style workout on the reformer.  If you've tried it and have some tips, please leave them in the comments below. 

And, finally, the confession.  I'm not sure why I feel as if I need to divulge this information, but there's a part of me that feels guilty.  As I mentioned here, I recently added eggs back into my diet.  I found that I was more tired than normal, and I wasn't feeling great.  With the addition of eggs, I felt better.  Then, this week, I added fish.  I tried salmon while lunching with my friend Meg earlier this week at Dean & Deluca and, once again, felt better.  So, on top of eggs, I've also added fish into my diet.  When I buy them for the house, I choose US Humane, cage free and Organic eggs and sustainably caught wild fish.  While some may find this choice deplorable, I've always found that it's important to listen to my body and make the choices that are best for me and me alone.  I've been vegetarian/vegan for a large part of my life and it's become a part of my identity, which is why I struggled for so long to include either in my diet.  For a few days now, I've felt as if I was hiding something, carrying a heavy secret and I'd be labeled a fraud when I finally admitted it.  But, at the end of the day, I'm the one that has to live inside this body and I'm the one that is responsible for my health, wellness and overall well-being.  And, with that, I'm no longer a vegan.  I imagine my choices now make me a "Pescatarian" but in an effort to eat food and without labels, I'm simply adding in different foods. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous Friday!