2014 30 for 30 is Coming to an End

Does anyone else think this month flew by? It's hard to believe that in a few days, I'll turn the calendar page to May and before I know it, Memorial Day - the unofficial start of Summer - will be knocking at the door.  And, with that, the end of 30 for 30 is also coming to an end. 

Last week, I spent a lot of time on a plane, which for me means three things: I'm tired, there's a lot of sitting, especially on cross country flights and I tend to eat poorly when I travel.  Two of the three are hard to control, but this time I made sure I packed healthy snacks and I sought out a Whole Foods while in Arizona.  This, my friends, is a completely different post.  The two Whole Foods I visited - one in Tempe and one in Scottsdale - were hands down two of the most incredible grocery stores I've ever seen. (There's a separate post coming on this).

On Thursday, we went to the pool and watched Michael swim his first race since London and boy, was it impressive! When natural talent meets a strong work ethic, great things happen.  And after two years out of the water, Michael qualified as top seed (1st place) going into Finals.  He touched the wall in second place that night with an impressive 100 butterfly. In between trials and finals, Mom and I went out to lunch and then back to the hotel.  Unfortunately, there was no time to get in a solid workout.  So, on Friday, I made up for it by doing two workouts. 

Friday morning, my phone rang at 3:45am PST and I answered the FaceTime call to see my adorable nephew staring back at me on the other end.  He was calling to say good morning and it was hands down, the best wake up call.  Shortly thereafter, I gathered my things and headed to a nearby LA Fitness. Friday was an Arms & Abs workout.  I'm on Week 5 of my strength plan, so this week was a different workout than the previous 4 weeks.  Each workout uses the same exercises, but slightly tweaked. For example, I might increase my repetitions or hold weights to make it more challenging.  On Friday, I was coming to the end of my workout and, instead of keeping the work focused in my abs when I got tired, I came out of my core and went into my back.  And I felt it immediately.  I finished the workout, with modifications, and then hobbled out.  As someone who doesn't like to take medicine, I did take some Advil, as I knew I would be sore the next day AND sitting on a plane.

Friday afternoon, I headed into Old Town Scottsdale and did a lot of walking. (Separate post coming on this as well).  The downtown area was full of restaurants, shops and local flare. I had been craving sweet potatoes since arriving in Arizona, so for dinner, I headed to (another) Whole Foods where I hoped they would have some in their prepared food area -- they did!

Saturday morning I was bright eyed and ready to hit the gym at 4:30am, before Michael and I flew back East.  I realized it was Saturday and decided to check the gym's opening time before driving the 20 minutes to the facility.  I'm happy I did.  I remembered that my gym opens later on Saturday and Sunday's than it does during the week and the same applied here.  It didn't open until 8am, which was too late for our schedule.  Michael suggested I swim with him, but that was definitely not going to happen! I'm not in swimming shape, which isn't a huge issue, but cameras followed him everywhere at the pool and I had no interest in anyone filming any part of my first swim workout in a few years! Instead, I read my book (It Starts with Food -- really interesting) and talked with people I hadn't seen since London.  Sadly, no workout for Saturday, but I made sure that I drank plenty of water and made healthy food choices, which meant declining the warm chocolate chip cookies they brought around the airplane cabin.  I considered that a major victory, especially with Michael telling me how delicious they were.  I snacked on my bag of nuts and sipped some mint tea.  I woke up on Sunday feeling victorious!

Sunday, I got out to enjoy the weather and went for a long walk.  Nothing too crazy, but I was tired and unmotivated after the long day of travel.  I also stopped by Emporiyum in Baltimore (Again, another post on this) during which I passed on Bryan Voltaggio's espresso ice cream sandwich and an assortment of other delectable looking foods.  Once again, another small victory!

Yesterday's workout was at the Under Armour facility in Baltimore and that's a post in and of itself, scheduled for tomorrow.  In that post, I'll also be announcing a great giveaway, so check back then.

After our workout at the Under Armour facility, Adriana and I put on our serious face.

Did you make it through the 30 for 30? Has it changed the way you look at exercise and fitness? Shoot me an email or leave a comment below. I'd love to hear about your experience!

Until tomorrow...