2014: Days 2-3

Good morning! The feeling of true Spring is in the air (not the faux Spring that was upon us on March 21, the actual start of the season) and it makes me happy.  Birds chirping, the possibility of more outdoor activities and longer daytime hours are all reasons to feel a smidge more joyful.

Hilary Phelps Workout

I woke up sore from yesterday's workout, which was a strength/resistance abs and arms circuit, followed by some low intensity cardio. I've been doing a circuit (one day is legs, one is arms/abs, and one is total body) three days a week and on the alternate days, I've been doing a low impact, long cardio session. 

I realize the importance of strength training, especially as I get older, and I've been trying to shift my mindset to that of a more positive one on the activity.  I've always been more of a cardio girl.  I was a distance swimmer and I would prefer doing long, low impact cardio sessions over anything else.  I would prefer to run for an hour over sprints on the track any day of the week.  I would choose to do a 75-minute yoga class over 20-minutes of weight lifting.  It's how I'm wired and I've been working to change that and incorporate more of the shorter, high intensity workouts. 

Our bodies will save energy any way that it can, which means when I do the same workout over and over, my body gets used to the exercise and knows how much energy is needed to perform the task.  After awhile, you'll hit a plateau. If you've been doing the same workout for a few weeks, your body knows what to expect and will require less energy (and calories) to complete the exercise.  One of the reasons it's so important to switch up activity every 4-6 weeks is to keep your body guessing so it's not reserving energy, causing you to hit a plateau.  But I digress... back to the workout.

Yesterday, I did exercises such as tricep dips, mountain climbers with a pushup, strait leg jackknive and leg raises.  This circuit took 35 minutes, after which I walked on the treadmill at a medium-fast speed and added incline.

Today is the long cardio workout.  It's beautiful outside, which means a long run is calling my name.  I attended the USOC Best of the U.S. awards last night, which honored the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic athletes.  Talk about inspiring! Approximately 200 athletes attended the awards ceremony, held at the historic Warner Theater and hosted by Willie Geist of the Today Show.  It's tough not to wake up feeling motivated to workout after being in a room of incredible athletes, such as Jordan Malone, Mikaela Shiffrin and Sage Kotsenburg.  But the most amazing athletes at last night's awards show were the Paralympians -- the men's sled hockey team, many of whom have lost a leg fighting for our freedom or Stephanie Jallen, who was born with a rare birth defect called C.H.I.L.D.S. syndrome, leaving the left side of her body underdeveloped and who brought home bronze in the Alpine Super G race.  

The show will air Monday April 7 on NBC Sports Network at 7pm and I highly recommend watching.  The USOC did a great job with the inaugural awards show and I hope it's something that they continue.

How is everyone else doing with the workouts? I was inspired by all of the messages on social media and email about everyone joining in! Make it a great day! Until tomorrow...

P.S. On social media? Use the #GJ30for30 to hashtag your photos, tweets or Facebook posts.  It's a great way to meet others who are participating in the challenge and I would love to see/read about your 30 for 30 experience!