Day 28: Under Armour Workout AND a Giveaway

Day 28 was marked by a workout at the Under Armour facility in Baltimore, MD and boy, was it tough.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, workout wise, but figured that it would be somewhat intense, as they invited two groups of fitness influencers to test out their Armour39 fitness and heart rate monitor workout tracking system.

Our group of 8 was made up of 2 men and 6 women, all involved in one way or another in the fitness field.  About half of the group was trainers or fitness instructors and the other half were fitness influencers, meaning we wrote about, talked about or competed in the fitness field.  It’s all fun and games until you reach your max threshold…

We started out with a warm up on the outdoor turf field before moving indoors for some high intensity exercises.  We partnered up and split into two groups.  We brought out heart rate up and then rested while our partner was doing their exercise to bring our heart rate back down.  The exercises included: TRX arm work, pushing a 90-pound weighted sled (killer!), medicine ball, commandos on a stability ball, kicking a punching bag, burpees with a cross abdominal twist, reverse weighted lunges with a biceps curl and hitting a massive tire with a weighted bar.

At this point, I thought we were finished with the workout. Our monitors had all hit max intensity and heart rate; we had high WILL power (more on that below) and I was ready for some breakfast.  But, we weren’t finished.  I have no idea on the time duration of the last challenge, but we left everything we had in that workout facility.  The trainers then split us into two groups of four, where we had to partner up and finish a circuit.  Here’s how it went:

  • Back and forth across 65 feet of Monkey Bars, twice, for a total of 260 feet
  • 60 yards sprint down and back, twice, for a total of 240 yards
  • Rowing machine until we complete 2000 meters

Luckily, we didn’t EACH have to complete this, but we had to do it as a team.  Here are the highlights from the challenge:

  • Scott did the monkey bars down and back (thank goodness) while Adriana started on the rowing machine.  Dana and I went outside and each ran 120 years.
  • Adriana was amazing on the rowing machine and had some fast times!
  • Dana made it ALL THE WAY across the Monkey Bars ("minus 2" said her husband, Scott), but she climbed back up and finished off the set.
  • I made it about ¾ of the way down the 65-feet of bars when Adriana took over.
  • Just when I thought the workout couldn’t get any more intense, I threw in the rowing machine.  Have you tried them? They are a workout!
  • Scott rowed with such intensity that Dana & Adriana had to hold down the end to prevent it from coming up and off the ground. 
  • All of us were out of breath and drenched in sweat.

We ended the workout back on the turf where we started. Under Armour’s tag line is “Protect this House” and we listened as the trainer reminded us that “Our House” is our family, our friends, our job – the things that matter most to us.  Huddled around him like a team of football players he screamed out “Protect this House” and we responded with “I WILL, I WILL!” I’m not sure if it was the intensity of the workout or the fact that it was a touching moment, but I felt myself tear up a bit.  It made an impact.

The facility was incredible, the workout was intense and the group was inspiring.  All in all, it was a great way to start the week.

For the workout, we were introduced to and tested the Armour39, the company’s fitness monitor that links with Map my Fitness. The devise tracks heart rate, calories burned, real-time intensity, and WILLpower, the first true measure of an athlete. WILLpower takes into account all of your workout stats and breaks it down into a single score of 0.0-10.0.  Nate, one of our trainers, told us in detail how it worked: "Getting 1-5 is tough, but doable. Each tenth of a point after 5.0 gets incrementally tougher to achieve, making is virtually impossible to reach a perfect score of 10.0.(During the workout, I achieved a score of 8.0).  The device will synch up to a mobile device and so you can see your stats real time.  Another benefit? You can leave your phone at home, head out for a run, bike or walk and it will synch up with your device when you return home. 

Want to test your WILLpower? Here’s how you can win your own Armour39!

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Today is the final day of the 2014 30 for 30... tell me how you did! Send me an email or comment below and tell me about the changes you've seen the last 30 days.  My write-up of days 29/30 and recap of the entire challenge will post later this week.

Until tomorrow...