2014 30 for 30: Day 8 and 9

Tuesday was nothing to write home about, but I got in a 30 minute walk during lunchtime. On the other hand, I had two workouts on the calendar for yesterday, so I felt as if it evens it out a bit.

Tuesday started early and ended late, but I made sure that I did something active.  And, as always, I'm happy that I did.  Each and every time I do something active, I know that it's a gift to myself.  I read something the other day that said "I work out because I love myself and my body, not because I hate it."

Yesterday, on the other hand, was tough. 

 After walking my niece and nephew to school, which was a fabulous way to start the morning, I went to the gym for a leg and cardio circuit. The circuit consisted of squat jumps, squats, walking lunges, weighted step ups, knee ups (on a step), burpees and a medicine ball squat press.  I did the same workout two weeks ago and had sore legs for 4 days.  I can tell I'm getting stronger, because while after yesterday's workout I was sore, I'm not super stiff today. 

A post-workout "healthfie" (the healthified version of the "selfie")

A post-workout "healthfie" (the healthified version of the "selfie")

I refueled on a one egg, one egg white with spinach omelet on sprouted wheat toast when I got home. I've gone back and forth between vegetarian/vegan for years, and added meat when I was Ironman training, because I've always found it important to listen to my body.  So, today, I ate an egg. Shortly after, I was still hungry so I ate a salad with romaine lettuce, broccoli, red cabbage, red pepper and carrots.

Last night, I went to a Barre 3 class, taught by Sadie Lincoln, founder and creator of the Barre 3 classes, which is heavily focuses on toning the lower half of the body.  After doing a tough morning legs workout and then another workout, focused on the lower body, my legs were toast.  I parked a few blocks from the studio so I could get in some walking, but while walking to my car after class, I quickly regretted my decision.  My legs felt like jello. 

Jill (the owner of Barre 3 in Georgetown), Katie, Me, Sadie (founder and creator of Barre 3) after class

Jill (the owner of Barre 3 in Georgetown), Katie, Me, Sadie (founder and creator of Barre 3) after class

Sadie is on a country wide tour, teaching classes and promoting her new book, "Love Your Lower Body." My friend Katie (seen here) invited me to take Sadie's class, and while I'm sore today, I'm happy that she did! It was only the second time I'd been to Barre 3, the first was when I took a class with Katie and her twin sister, Regan (here) who is a Barre 3 instructor. I look forward to reading "Love Your Lower Body" and incorporating some of the exercises into my workout routine.  (Click on the link to check out Sadie's book and exercise DVDs -- the book also includes a meal plan with healthy recipes and workout routines).

Today is a run and I'm hoping my legs can hold up.  The muscles in my legs were jumping like crazy last night when I went to bed. I hope you are having a terrific Thursday.

Until tomorrow...