Snacks On-the-GO

If you are like most Americans, then you're constantly "On-The-Go" and there are literally days when I spend so much time in my car, that I wonder if I can use it as an office tax write-off.  Those are often the days when I look around and see an empty kombucha bottle, a coffee mug from my morning's brew and a wrapper from a snack bar in the cup holder.  

I have to travel with snacks, because I get what's been called "hangry" -- basically the combination of hungry + angry.  When this happens, I need food ... stat and those who know and love me can usually see it coming. To ensure that I keep those who know and love me in my life, I make sure that I always carry snacks, both in my car and in my purse or bag.  Here are some suggested, easy, on-the-go snacks that suit everyone in the family.

Snacks for Her:

  1. Raw Almonds + raisins + cacao: this is my go-to and something that I always have on hand.  The raw cacao is a little bitter, but the sweetness of the raisins balances it out a bit.  The fat in the almonds and cacao help me to feel full and the raisins (or another dried fruit) add some carbohydrates to the mix. These are another great option that you can grab from the store.
  2. LaraBar: I'm a huge fan of these tasty snack bars, especially the coconut.  They are easy to eat on the go, packable and are easily found at both grocery stores and Target. Don't be afraid of the fat found in the bar -- just like the almonds and cacao above, the fat found in LaraBars are a good source of fat, which your body needs to function properly.
  3. Avocado: Yep.  Just an avocado.  Cut it open, sprinkle with some sea salt and enjoy. 
  4. Smoothie: There are a number of blenders today that offer a grab and go option (the one I use) which make getting out the door easy. (They also are small enough that you can pack them in your suitcase when you travel.) Throw in your favorite fruit, a handful of greens and a little liquid (water, almond milk, coconut water) and you're out the door! For added nutrition, add chia seeds, flax or your favorite protein powder. 

Snacks for Him:

Doug travels often.  And when he does, I pack him a snack bag.  The provisions I pack depend on the type of travel.  (i.e. items I pack for car travel differ from those I pack for airline travel)

  1. Olives: These prepackaged olives are great! They provide good fat (see a trend here?) which helps to keep you feeling full. 
  2. Peppers + hummus:  These little peppers are great and easily packable.  You can make your own hummus or pick up a pre-made tub of your favorite brand from the grocery store. From here, you scoop out a bit of the dip and position the peppers (or other veggies) around them.
  3. Cheese: Babybel makes a great 50-calorie snack round and, of course, there's the string cheese that's easy to throw in a briefcase.
  4. Siggi's:  They offer many healthy options, including some drinkable varieties, and in many flavors. 

Snack for the Kids:

As adults, we enjoy the taste of foods, but children enjoy food with their eyes (or so says Michael Moss in his book Salt, Sugar, Fat).  There are clearly many products on the market for children that are easy, on-the-go snacks, but many are filled with sugar and lacking good nutrition. Here are a few easy and nutritious choices!

  1. Clementines: They are the perfect size for kids and they are fun to peel (keeps them occupied) and eat.
  2. Apple + nut butter: Most kids prefer peanut butter, but you could also use almond butter or sunflower butter, if there is a nut-allergy situation.
  3. Clif Bar: The company has created these bars especially for kids (although I know an adult who enjoys them as well!).  They are perfectly packable and delicious!
  4. Pirate's Booty: I mean, who doesn't love the name alone!
  5. Squeezeable Yogurt: These are low in sugar, are made from ingredients that you can pronounce and still provide all the fun of an all-in-one, on-the-go yogurt!