Photos :: Santa Clara Grand Prix

This weekend, my mom and I traveled to Santa Clara, California, about 40 miles south of San Francisco, to watch Michael swim.  The trip started out with a few hiccups -- delayed flight, missed connection (by 3 minutes!), which meant an overnight trip in our connecting city.  On a positive note, we arrived the next morning in time for one of the races and had a fun, albeit quick, weekend in California. 

Most of the time was spent at the pool, but we did sneak a way for an afternoon in Palo Alto, the home of Stanford University, for a lunch with friends and the launch of Pressed Juicery's FREEZE- the company's non-dairy, gluten-free, sans sugar frozen treat creation.  We met the owner (pic below) and asked him to bring the treat to the East Coast (fingers crossed!)  

In years past, it's been really cold sitting in the stands, and even colder for the swimmers down on the pool deck.  When I say cold, I'm talking gloves for the swimmers and blankets wrapped around the shoulders of spectators. This year was beautiful -- the sun was out, the temperature was not warm, but not hot and there was a nice breeze through out the day.  My mom and I had a conversation about whether or not we would rather be "hot or cold." My mom said HOT. I said COLD.  When I'm cold, even a little bit, I'm miserable.  So, I made sure to throw a lite jacket in my suitcase and I'm happy that I did.  I wore it in the morning and again at night, when the sun went down.  (one of my favorite and best purchases was a J. Crew military cut jacket (similar here) It's easy to pack, the color goes with everything and it has pockets, perfect for when I don't want to carry a purse).

We left California on a red-eye Sunday night and arrived home early Monday morning. You know what that meant -- 7pm bedtime last night! I hope you had a weekend of fun and a great week ahead.