Summer Cocktails -- On the Skinny!

By Genuine Joy Cocktail Contributor, Briana Berg

Finally! The sunny days and balmy nights are upon us! After this awfully cold and snowy winter, I’m ready for a tan (with SPF, of course), relaxing beach days with a good book, and fun nights with friends in white skinny jeans or cut offs. Skinny being the key word.

Summer cocktails tend to take on a calorie and sugar high quality. And while a tropical frozen drink is delicious, more than one can send anyone into a tizzy. Moderation is always key, but below are a few of my favorite summer cocktails with a healthier twist. Fresh summer ingredients make these sippers light, clean, and refreshing!

Gin & Tonic

It’s a classic made only better and healthier by adding veggies and fresh herbs. I like to use diet tonic, which boasts 0 calories, and add sliced cucumbers, fresh mint, and fresh squeezed limes and lemons. Gin is fairly versatile so use what’s fresh from your garden. If you have basil growing in the backyard, a sprig of that with some watermelon slices (muddled or not) is also sure to please.


Personally, I love tequila. I could almost drink it on the rocks. Margaritas can be a sugary mess, so keeping the drink simple is the best way to combat unwanted sugar and calories. I like to squeeze 3 or 4 fresh limes into my tequila on the rocks and add a small drop of agave nectar or coconut water if needed. If that isn’t sweet enough for you, try adding grapefruit juice or orange juice. Making a frozen version? Blend ice with tequila, whole oranges, whole grapefruits, and lime and lemon juice. It will be thick and full of healthy fruit! Salted rims optional.

Grapefruit Crush

When I was living in Baltimore, there was nothing more I loved than a good Grapefruit Crush from Ryleigh’s Oyster House. The premise of this drink is fresh squeezed grapefruit mixed with vodka and Sprite over ice. I like to use organic lemon-lime soda or substitute it for lime Pellegrino. Agave nectar or grapefruit juice can sweeten it up too.

Want more "skinny" ideas? (Here, here and here). Share any of your skinny tips below.  We will post our favorite on twitter!