Weekend Recap: All about Perspective

This weekend started off great, amazing even, but, just like life, it was three days full of ups and downs.

I spent Friday with three of my favorite ladies.  We laughed, shopped, ate a healthy lunch and drank delicious coffee.  Before heading home to Washington, I got an email telling me that my favorite coffee shop, Lamill at the Four Seasons in Baltimore was shutting down for good.  And the date set for it's closure, June 14, was only 8 days away.  To give perspective, it's truly my happy place.  It's the place I go where everyone knows my name, they know that I love almond milk in my cappuccino and that I favor the Oreo flavored macarons.  If I had a dinner in Baltimore, I would drive up early and work from the beautiful space that sits right on the Baltimore Harbor.  I will greatly miss the space, the coffee and the camaraderie. 

As we were taking these fun pictures, I dropped my iPhone, which I've done many, many times before (and I'm always thankful for the protective case). This was one time too many -- this time  the screen cracked.  Ugh. 

Saturday was another fun day for the books.  I had a facial, picked up some skin care products and then went back to Lamill.  I figure I have to get in the visits while I can. Later that night, my mom, aunt and I went to the Orioles game.  It's been years since I'd been to Camden Yards and it was a great night to watch live baseball.  The cutest little boy sat next to me, who ate an entire bag of cotton candy, and with blue lips excitedly explained the game, the strategy behind the plays and how happy he was that the Ravens released Michael Orr.  He also, to my excitement, told me and Mom that he would catch any balls that were hit into our section.  Phew.

Happily, we walked home from the game, talking about and planning an upcoming family vacation.  It was a good day -- one that was free of worry, full of laughter and all around fun.  Getting back to Mom's, we said our good night's and walked out to get our respective cars.  Except mine wouldn't start.  Confused and tired, I went back upstairs and stayed the night at mom's, figuring, perhaps, the car, too, needed a good night's rest and would decide to start up again in the morning.  Nope. The next day, the same thing.  It just wouldn't turn over.  And, as sexist as this might sound, I know very little about cars and am 100% happy to let Doug deal with anything that relates to the car or a car issue. We tried to jump it, but it wasn't a battery issue.  It had gas, so that wasn't it.  The only option left was to call AAA (at times like these, I'm thrilled that I have the service!) to have it towed to my dealership. 

I have four wheel drive and needed a flat bed truck.  Dilemma. The car was parked in an underground garage, which didn't provide necessary height to accommodate the tow truck.  Three men had to push my car to the entrance of the garage with another man behind the wheel, steering. The tow truck driver had to back the large vehicle part way down the ramp in an attempt to hook the undercarriage of the car and pull it up the ramp. They called a smaller tow truck for back up, in case we needed to send in the smaller truck into the garage to pull the car out, before loading it up on the flat bed.  Comedy of errors. After we got the car loaded onto the flatbed, I climbed into the cabin of the tow truck and headed to Virginia.  I'm waiting to hear back from the dealership about what's going on with the car, but I figured, hey... it can always be worse.

And that's the attitude I had when I walked back into my Mom's on Saturday night after the car wouldn't start.  I really wanted to be at home, in my own bed and had planned to sleep in the next morning.  Sometimes things don't go as planned, but I also realized that in the grand scheme of things, a cracked iPhone screen and a car that wouldn't start aren't that bad. I had AAA coverage to tow the car, I can get the screen fixed with the insurance I have on my phone and I'm thankful that the car didn't start, because it's a lot better than having it shut off mid-drive while on the highway.

This morning I'm thankful that I have options.  The metro is close by, there's a grocery store within walking distance and I can do work from home.  This weekend I smiled, laughed and spent time with people I love.  We will always have speed bumps that pop up, but it's how we handle them that defines character and fullness of life. 

Happy Monday everyone -- I hope this week is a great one!