33 or 66: Is Summer 1/3 over or is there still 2/3 remaining?

Perspective can literally change one thing into something else; it truly is all in how you look at it.  While it's hard to believe that July 1 is here, on the other hand, summer technically only just begun 10 days ago, which means we have more than two months remaining in the season! June was a month full of activities and fitness and I created my own list and timeline for actionable items in the month of July.  Glancing back at June and looking forward to July helps to give me the perspective I need to accomplish my goals, reevaluate if necessary and plan accordingly.

The past :: June

  1. I returned to Camden Yards.  It's been awhile since I'd seen the Orioles play and it was a lot of fun to get reacquainted with the team and learn about some of the new players.
  2. I ran the Baltimore 10-miler, which I loved and will do again.
  3. Went to a fun "girls-only" luncheon hosted by my friend Katie, called "My Favorite Things" where we were encouraged to bake, make or buy a favorite tasty treat.  (I brought Charm City Cook's Salted Caramel Brownies). Katie invited her friend Irene down from NYC to introduce us to her beautiful jewelry (I bought this and this -- and have worn them multiple times!) 
  4. Flew to California to watch Michael swim in the Santa Clara Grand Prix.
  5. Attended a wonderfully informative conference in NYC called Fashion Tech Forum
  6. Took my first Zengo class and loved it. My friend Gregg taught Saturday morning and it was a great way to start off the weekend.
  7. Spent time with my family -- cookout with my dad, travel with my mom, an evening with my sister at her new house and celebrating my brother's birthday this past weekend.
  8. June was a great month, filled with family, travel, fitness and some fashionable learning.

The Future :: July

  1. More learning ahead as I've signed up for several classes to "master" the Final Cut Pro application on Apple. 
  2. This means more diversity on Genuine Joy and quality video production.
  3. Attending and celebrating the launch of a friend's cookbook (more to come.)
  4. Cleaning out my closet in an attempt to only have quality pieces that I love.
  5. More live baseball! The Orioles and the Nationals play the second week of July, both here at Nationals Park and at Camden Yards in Baltimore.
  6. Something new :: attending a friend's pop-up restaurant.  I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm looking forward to the experience.
  7. Vacation :: family beach time.  One full week.
  8. Better understanding how foods fuel my body :: last month, I had blood drawn and sent to a lab, to tell me which foods I'm sensitive (not full on allergic) to, in order to know which foods I should avoid and which I should eat in moderation.  More details on this once I talk to a nutritionist who will explain the results. 

A productive June, gives way to an equally creative July and means the Summer has only just begun.  I'm more of a "glass half full" :: "partly sunny" rather than "glass half empty" :: "party cloudy" kinda girl, but it's all in how I look at it, with positive perspective.