Beach Trip :: What's in My Bag

This week, our family is at the beach for a vacation, but not just our immediate family -- our extended family, which includes mom, sister, niece, nephew, aunts, uncle and cousins.  We re-initiated the tradition last year after a two-decade hiatus (Below is the photo from our trip 20 years ago). We arrived yesterday and used the day to unpack and settle in, so today we're ready to hit the beach today, full of eagerness and excitement!

We came to the beach last year,  but before that trip, it had been 20 years.  This photo was from our 1994 trip that included our grandmother, who would be tickled to see Taylor and Connor enjoying the beach.

Last year, I spent time with my niece and nephew making sandcastles and digging for sand crabs which took me back to my childhood at the beach. Each year, my sister and I would bury each other in the sand, ride bikes on the boardwalk and make friends with other children who were there with their families. It's fun to see the trip through the eyes of the young ones and also enjoy the time with my sister, as we've gotten older.

Having the beach house for a week meant we each loaded up our cars with beach gear and food before heading to the shore.  It's incredible what gets packed when you can 1) drive rather than fly and 2) are out of your own space and routine for a week. There are a few items on my "must haves" for a week spent by the water, relaxing and enjoying the company of those I love.

Beach bound

1) Cuisinart Ice Cream maker: While getting ice cream on the boardwalk is fun, so is making our own.  I remember the rock salt and crank ice cream maker from my childhood, but this one will work just as well.

2) Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses: I love these and wear them everywhere. They are the pair of sunglasses that fit every face shape.

3) Armour 39: I eat more and not always make the healthiest of choices while on vacation, so my "go to" fitness tracker gets packed to keep me accountable and monitor my workouts.

4) Hudessa Calypso St. Barth pants: These are comfy, flattering and chic making them the perfect vacation pant.

5) Robin Piccone Java Twist Bandeau Tankini: This suit is made from an incredibly soft fabric and works great for building sand castles and playing in the waves.

6) ASOS flops: For when I want something other than the standard flip flop and a shoe that can go from beach to dinner.

7) Fresh Sugar Cherry: It exfoliates the lip, hydrates the lip and protects the lip.

8) Nikon d5300: Not something I would take to the beach, but it's great to capture adventures such as bike riding, smoothie sipping or mini-golf playing activities.

9) Chantecaille Rosewater: I use this multiple times a day, whether at home or on the road.  Rosewater is hydrating and soothing, great for sun kissed faces.