Leftover Vino Becomes Dessert

With Briana Berg

After a dinner party last week I had a few leftover bottles of red wine. Typically I save them and drink them later, but in an effort to save counter space I was determined to find a way to use them in a new and creative way.

Pouring wine into a glass and drinking it is not new nor is it creative.

With the temperatures soaring and the humidity high, I decided to make a granita, or an Italian ice dessert, using the red wine. This refreshing treat can be enjoyed alone, topped with a light whipped cream, or dollopped on top of tart frozen yogurt or ice cream. Personally, I like it in a small bowl topped with blueberries and a little light whipped cream. 

I used this recipe and found it incredibly easy to make.  Basically, you combine wine with a sugar water mixture in a pan and freeze it. The hardest part was transferring the tray of wine and sugar water to the freezer without spilling! To spice it up a tiny bit, I added a dash of fresh ground nutmeg. Lemon zest, lime zest, or any citrus fruit zest would be a great summer addition too.

Once the granita was frozen, I used a fork to lightly break it up into small icy chunks. I served it in a pretty scalloped dish so my friends could use it how they liked. One even added a little to their red wine to cool it down without diluting it.

Who knew leftover vino could be so refreshing? I’m curious, how do you use leftover wine?

--Briana Berg