Bye-Bye July

Now the tide has officially turned and summer is officially 2/3 over with 1/3 remaining.  The winter months never go by as quickly as the summer months, do they? Here's what July looked like for me and what August has to hold.

The Past :: July

  1. I've spent some time at Apple and have a better grasp on the Final Cut Pro application.  I have another scheduled for next week where we are putting together clips to create a video. Lots of shooting to happen this weekend in prep for our working session.
  2. My friend launched a cookbook and I was thrilled to celebrate with her, before she moved to NYC.
  3. I've successfully cleaned out pieces in my closet that I either haven't worn in years, is dated or doesn't fit. It felt good to get rid of the pieces that no longer served me and to donate them to Goodwill, where someone else may love them.
  4. I spent a week at the beach with my family.
  5. My "Secret to a Tasty Green Smoothie" was published in Thrive Magazine.
  6. I'm addicted to Zengo Cycle and I've started the Tracy Anderson Method (details on this coming next week). These two workouts have been added to my regular practice at Spark Yoga.
  7. Discovered beautiful gardens on the grounds of the National Cathedral (thank you Katie), which is a perfect spot for a picnic.
  8. Had a great turnout for a fundraising event that I hosted at the new Calypso St. Barth in Bethesda.  It was a night of shopping and chic treats for the launch of their new location and to raise money for United Way of Central Maryland, an organization with which I've worked closely over the last year+. (Professional) Photos coming soon! A huge "THANK YOU" to both the brand and all of the women who came out to shop and celebrate!

The Future :: August

  1. Travel - one short trip and one potential L-O-N-G trip.  The shorter trip is to New York City for a girl's weekend with two of my favorites. Details on the longer one forthcoming.
  2. Continue with the fitness momentum.  As someone who has primarily stuck to cardio workouts as a fitness routine (i.e. swimming, triathlon, road races) it's fun to change it up a bit with Barre3, Tracy Anderson and small muscle work.  Although it doesn't feel like a workout (because they are all FUN) I'm trusting the process and sticking with it.
  3. Not only have I switched up the workouts, but I'm learning more about WHY these fitness regimens are more than just passing fitness fads. Look for more of this on Genuine Joy in the coming month.
  4. Secure my interns for the Fall semester.  I've narrowed it down to two and I'm finalizing details now.  This will be a huge help!
  5. Try something new. Other than the workouts, I've been standing still and not branching out as much as I have in the past few months.  The plan is to actively step outside that comfort zone and try something(s) new.
  6. Drink more green tea and less coffee.  I'm optimistic.  I'm not cutting it out entirely, but trying to "crowd out" the coffee, by adding in the tea. Thank you Sadie Lincoln for the encouragement!
  7. Buy more locally sourced produce.  I love buying in bulk (i.e. Costco) but there's something to be said for buying fruits/veggies that are in season and supporting local business.
  8. Practice mindfulness. Often, I grab my phone because I'm bored or eat something because it's there (and not because I'm necessarily hungry).  This month, I pledge to be more mindful in my daily living.

Here's to a mindful August and enjoying the final six weeks that summer has to offer.

Until next time...