Out & About :: Brooklyn

Having spent many a day in Manhattan, my days in Brooklyn were limited to only one and that was to seek out a bakery shop, called Dun-well Donuts.  I hopped the subway from Chelsea to East Williamsburg, enjoyed the tasty treat, grabbed a coffee and headed back across the East River. When the idea of exploring another borough came up for our recent girls weekend, we all jumped on it.  There were three girls and we had been to Brooklyn a total of five times between us.

We hopped in a cab and we had the driver drop us off on the other side of the Williamsburg Bridge where we could peruse the flea market. With intentions of ending up at a large-scale vintage wonderland, we soon discovered that what we were looking for was only operational on Sunday. We were there on Saturday.  Whoops. But in place of vintage bags and framed photos, stood rows upon rows of food stands.  Having just finished brunch at Rosemary’s, we weren’t hungry for a second meal, but walked up and down the rows to see what culinary wonders were available.

The market is called Smorgasburg and also known as the Brooklyn Flea Food Market, so you can see where we got confused.  Every Saturday at this location and Sunday under the Brooklyn Bridge, 100 vendors come out to sell their tasty treats.  When we arrived around 2pm, there were hundreds of people, most of whom were waiting in massive lines.  Some of the more creative food finds were: Ramen burger, The Cheese-Pops and The Good Batch, which crafted a ginormous ice cream sandwich. 

Ramen Burger, named by Time magazine as one of the top 17 most influential burgers of all time,  had a line at least 50 deep and was, by far, the longest line there.  A hamburger was placed between two buns made solely of packed ramen noodles, each of which was made to order.  I’d never seen anything like it! The Cheese Pops were akin to cake pops or kabobs and served on a skewer.  Some had watermelon with feta and another variety was a slider with cheese, but each option had 'cheese' as a major player on the stick.  Last, but certainly not least, the second longest line went to The Good Batch.  Oh my goodness, they looked delicious! A mound of homemade ice cream was nestled in between two sandwich cookies the size of a large hand and then wrapped in wax paper. The next time I find myself in Brooklyn, on a Saturday, I’m there!

Before leaving Williamsburg, we walked into an indoor flea market packed with people.  I went in looking for vintage spoons or items for food staging, but found more handmade goods, like t-shirts with catchy slogans and bold jewelry.  We walked a bit before catching an Uber back to Manhattan.  All in all, I enjoyed our day and would go back to Smorgasburg, but next time I wil bring my appetite.  The event is also held on Sunday’s but in a different location.  For more information, you can check out their website here.  And… if you’re in the Baltimore/DC/Virginia area, you can check out Emporiyum, an event coming to DC in November that was patterned after the Smorgasburg concept.

Until tomorrow...