Australia's Active Wear

Move, Nourish, Believe: Those three words stand for the company and the woman behind the brand, Lorna Jane, an Australian company that launched 20+ years ago has grown into the country's favorite active brand.  And for good reason. The clothes are comfortable, on trend and inspiring.

The brand resonates with those who have a zest for life and who embrace the mindset of "getting more out of your life by giving more of yourself each day." What started as an athletic brand has fully developed into a lifestyle brand that, similar to the Genuine Joy concept, which encourages women to live their best life possible. 

Lorna Jane Clarkson, the founder of the eponymous line, cut her first leotard pattern on the floor of a studio in Australia. Twenty-five years later, the company, Lorna Jane Activewear releases a monthly collection of 70 to 100 new styles and products. There are 183 stores worldwide, most of which are in Australia, a handful in the United States, South Africa and UAE. Already the author of three lifestyle themed books, Lorna Jane just released her first cookbook. She calls fans of the brand her "sisterhood" and continues to motivate women through truly living her brand. Says Ms. Clarkson:

“Our customers are the culture and essence of our brand and their loyalty has always been incredibly special to me. When people wear Lorna Jane they are telling the world they want to be fitter, healthier and live a more inspirational life.”

Similar to Lululemon, the clothes have a fashionable feels to them, great for the gym or wearing casually for weekend errands (they sell one pair of their Flashdance pants every 20 seconds)  I'm traveling back to the states with two pair of pants (here and here), one shirt, a lined vest, a waterproof jacket and two cookbooks (one is for a friend).  With plans to fly home tomorrow and no room left in my luggage, I'm thrilled that you can shop online and have the workout wear delivered to your door, worldwide.  In California (as well as here in Australia), she has launched Active Living Room, a wellness studio that houses a boutique carrying Lorna Jane active wear but also an exercise studio and café that serves juices, coffee and post workout bites, meant to be a one-stop-shop for fitness enthusiasts. It's definitely on my list for the next trip to the West Coast. 

You can click here to check out the clothes and her online presence and here to follow her brand or personally online (which is how I was first introduced to the line.)