A Date with my Son

By Genuine Joy Kid Contributor Whitney Flickinger

Last weekend was jam packed with 8,000 things -- sleepovers, dates, birthday parties, road trips, ferry rides, four wheeling, family bonding, and a houseful of exhausted people.  I felt like a taxi driver shuffling kids all over the place, but they were happy and so was I; that was all that mattered.

The weekend started with my daughter having a sleepover at her friend’s house and she was pumped!  I took the opportunity to have a date night with my little man.  It was all about him and what he wanted to do that evening.  He chose the Teenage Mutant Turtle Movie and dinner.  That morning we watched the movie trailer and, to be honest,  I wasn’t too excited.  That evening after work, Taylor was dropped off at her friend’s house and Connor and I started our “date.” Life has been so crazy that I rarely get to slow down and enjoy the time with just one of my kids.  We laughed, talked and I felt like we got to catch up with one another.   It was really nice and the movie was surprisingly really good.  Plus, he was shocked that the Teenage Mutant Turtles were around when I was little…he said "but, Mom that was so long ago!” 

Saturday morning came really fast and we had a packed day.  We were heading out to Virginia and then heading back to Maryland to go to a jewelry party.  My boyfriend’s friend has a 1000-acre farm in Winchester, Virginia, which took about 2.5 hours on back roads that wound through Maryland and we found ourselves on a ferry that would take us into Virginia.  Yes, that's right... a ferry!  I had never been on a ferry, nor had kids.  In total there were 4 kids who ranged in ages from 6 to 19. There were four wheelers, pigs, ponds for fishing, cattle, and acres upon acres of green grass and woods.  It was amazing and so freeing to get out of the suburbs and get into nature.  Everyone bonded and had a blast.  Being so far out of the city brought me back to my childhood where my sister, brother and I grew up on 5 acres and were always outside exploring and playing make believe.  Seeing my kids experience that put a huge smile on my face.  The hardest part of the day was leaving early while everyone else was still exploring.  I am hoping we get out there again, soon. 

Next on the schedule was my girlfriend’s jewelry party where the kids were having their own party in the basement.  Mommy deserved some new bling! We were filthy; covered in dirt and sweat as we drove back to Maryland.  The kids were exhausted but talked about everything they had seen and done at the farm.   The night ended with me purchasing some Stella & Dot accessories and the kids passing out on the drive home.  All in all it was an amazing day of minimum electronics, families meshing, and 3 exhausted people.

Sunday was another packed day with a trip to the gym, farmer’s market, kid’s birthday party, and back to school shopping.  Not going to lie, I was looking forward to getting it all done and relaxing after dinner.  At the birthday party I ran into a number of my girlfriend’s, kids have their supplies for school, we have a stocked refrigerator and my boyfriend surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. 

As a mom you have to juggle a million things.  This past weekend I realized that every now and then I need to slow down, enjoy life, leave the dishes in the sink, and take advantage of one on one time with each of my kids.  Even though I did not get one on one time with my daughter, I will put a date on the calendar.   I’m looking forward to our next packed weekend and I am definitely counting down the days where we take time to go outside of our comfort zone and explore the world around us!  What will your next adventure be?