Outside the Show :: NYFW

New York Fashion Week is buzzing with stylish women (and men) and buyers from all over the world.  You can go online to sites such as Style.com and see snapshots from each show, but often it’s the show out in front of Lincoln Center that is the most extravagant.

Outside Lincoln Center, photographers wait along the fountain for a glimpse of celebrities and show attendees. It is a circus. The photographers are often bloggers or content providers looking to capture a unique, creative or uber fashionable look on camera, which ultimately ends up online, but many have the goal of hearing the words, “can I take your picture?”

The first time I traveled to Fashion Week I was terrified.  I didn’t know if what I had packed was appropriate or “cool enough” and I mostly stood in the back, observing.  Now, I wear clothes that I would wear any other day and once or twice, I’ve worn jeans and thrown a pair of flats in my bag as I tend to be on my feet the majority of the day.  Fashion editors, retailers and buyers are all dressed smart; they look fashionable, but not over the top. Many wearing black and sporting shoes that will carry them throughout the day.  After all, they’re there to work, either to buy pieces from the line, which will show up in stores the following year or to capture the feel of the collection and highlight the trends they saw saunter down the runway.  The celebrities and bloggers are usually dressed to kill and in stunning shoes, that take them from their town car, into their seat at the show and back to their awaiting car service.  These shoes are dubbed "car to show" shoes and are just as they sound – suitable for walking from one to the other.  While uber chic and stylish, they often aren’t practical or comfortable to wear for a days worth of walking, standing and shooting. 

If you find yourself in NYC during one of the Fashion Week’s (February and September) then you must stop by Lincoln Center for a quick peek at some of the outfits.  Anything and everything goes when it comes New York City, but nothing is on par with what you will see at Fashion Week.