So Long Summer

The summer months always fly by; I swear the winter months drag in comparison. But, nonetheless, back to school and football are in full swing (with the first game of the NFL season happening tonight). August was a bit of a blur, but September is here and full of potential.

The Past :: August

  1. I traveled: a fun girls weekend in NYC and a memorable trip to Australia.
  2. I've been consistent with workouts and downloaded the Barre3 app on my phone and iPad, which provides workouts from 10-60 minutes in length that I can do anywhere.  This was key during a month of planes, trains and automobiles.
  3. After returning from Australia, I have a new way of drinking my coffee, which means that I haven't really cut back. In "the land down under" they don't have coffee pots, rather they make each and every cup of coffee when you order, akin to an Americano here in the states.  And it's delicious.  When I got home, I started doing the same here by making two shots of espresso with the Nespresso, adding hot water and a little bit of steamed coconut milk.  Yum.
  4. Intern process was shifted with all of the travel and I had one final interview yesterday.  I've given myself until next week to make the decision. 
  5. In an attempt to be more mindful, I've started keeping track of my meals and snacks via MyFitnessPal.  It helps me to recognize mindless eating (aka grazing) and has helped to keep me connected with my energy source. 

The Future :: September

  1. Light travel : I'm headed to NYC to catch a show or two at New York Fashion Week and take a few business meetings.
  2. Pair down my closet a little bit more, so that I genuinely enjoy every piece I own.  I often buy pieces that are a great bargain or are on major sale, but not necessarily something I totally love.  To help with the effort, I've signed on to the Lean Closet Movement with Cuyana, a four week movement to help Define & Eliminate; Shop & Style; Set Up & Organize; Pack & Travel.  Who's with me?
  3. Host a charity ride to raise funds for United Way.  If you're local to DC, stay tuned for more information and mark your calendar for September 20, 2:30pm!
  4. Check ups.  Maybe it's back to school mode, but it's time for check-ups and check-ins - dentist, dermatologist, general, etc.  Knowledge is power and it's important for my health.
  5. Do more of the things that I enjoy: yoga and photos.  Yoga calms my mind and makes me feel at peace. And photography is something I've enjoyed since taking my first class in high school (although back then, I was developing film and using a dark room, which I loved). I like capturing moments. 

Until tomorrow...