A Reason to Buy Girl Scout Cookies

It's the worst time of year to sell cookies, right? After we ring in the new year, most people make a resolution to cut back on sugar, processed foods and eat healthier, but this year, the Girl Scout of America have launched a new initiative to make cookie buying, this time of year, delightful. Aside from noting "gluten free" and vegan on two of their cookies this year, the girls scouts are spreading their love overseas.

The Girls Scouts announced late last year that they would add two new cookies to their line up -- Rah Rah Raisin and Toffee-tastic, their gluten free option.  With the addition of new offerings, they are cutting Dulce de Leche and Thank You Berry Munch from their cookie collection and next to the popular Thin Mint cookies customers will find the word "Vegan," great for those who eschew meat and animal bi-products. 

But last night when my 8-year old niece called me on FaceTime, by far one of the best moments of the week, and asked me to buy Girl Scout cookies, I couldn't say no. I asked her to read me the flavors -- a teachable moment, as my Mom would say -- and said that I would buy a few boxes.  In the background, I heard my sister say "You can buy cookies and send them overseas to the troops." Done and done.  I bought one box for home and bought 10 more to send overseas. 

Cookies sales help the girls develop lifelong skills, such as goal setting, decision making, money management and people skills. So, this year, when the adorable girls outside the grocery store stop you or when a friend's daughter calls you directly, you'll have more than one great reason to purchase the cookies.  If you can't have them in your house out of fear you'll eat an entire sleeve in one day (guilty) you can now support both troops, guilt free, by asking to have your purchases sent overseas, care of the Girl Scouts.

I did order one box of the Samoas for the house -- they're our favorites.  Do you buy the cookies each year? If not, will you buy them this year and have them shipped overseas?

image via ShutterStock