How, What, Why :: Social Media Detox

It's the new year and many people have committed to some form of detox over the last three weeks. On Saturday I launched into a detox of my own, but this one was different than the popular three day juice cleanse. From Saturday evening until late last night, I officially put myself on a social media detox. This meant no posting, tagging, liking or tweeting for 72-hours.  It wasn't easy, which sounds so trite -- I mean, we're talking about social media -- but it was worth it.  Here's the how, what and why I went 3 days without.

This year, I decided, would be the year I lived in a more mindful state.  Meditation, eating only when I was hungry and less multitasking.  Why?  Because I found that when I focused on more than one activity, I wasn't giving 100% to anything. While it may take longer time wise, I decided that it was better to give each task 100% rather than the alternative of multitasking 3 different undertakings at 33%.  

My college roommate and dear friend flew in from North Carolina to visit this past weekend.  We did pedicures, shopping and a lot of coffee and meals, but when one of us stopped talking, we both turned to our phones, becoming so entrenched on what news was streaming on twitter or the most recent dog video uploaded to Instagram. I had looked forward to her visit for weeks , but I wasn't enjoying my friend's company, I was staring at my phone screen. 

For the next three days, I gave up social media and it gave me an idea of just how often I reach for my phone -- think gravitational pull, really -- to mindlessly scroll through an app or social media platform. As with any habit, once I was aware of the behavior, I was able to make the change.  Although, I did feel a little disconnected and missed seeing photos from my vacationing friend and another gal pal and her adorable child, it wasn't the end of the world and ultimately kind of nice.  

While I won't completely give up social media, it was a nice mini-vacation from the bevy of platforms and one that I would definitely do again.  Have you done a social media detox before and if so, which platform did you miss the most?

image via deathtothestockphoto