Kids Korner: Bingo, Monster Trucks and Mary Poppins

By Contributor Whitney Flickinger:

This weekend was busy and it was all about the kid's activities.  From Friday until early Sunday evening we were on the go, but also had a ton of fun.  On Friday night, my daughter went with her friend to play BINGO.  It was organized through school and it gave her the chance to see her girlfriends, eat pizza and stamp her BINGO board.

The next morning I got up early to get my Insanity workout in and accidentally woke the kids up with my jumping.  Oops!  I was hoping I could get a cup of coffee in before they woke up but it didn’t work out that way -- suppose I should have landed softer!  Saturday we had plans to go to the Monster Truck show with a friend and her two kids.  We got Pit Passes to go and see the trucks before the show and, needless to say, the kids were pumped.  We learned that purchasing for a suite is not that much more expensive than buying individual tickets. With 4 kids aged 8 and under we decided it was the way to go; plus you get a parking pass!  We all piled into the car and headed to the show.  The kids and I had never been to an event like this, but I had decided that I was not emptying my bank account on the snow cone in a monster truck cup, shirts, and other items that are on sale everywhere you turn.  Once we got there, I saw that you could get autographs from the truck drivers and motocross guys.  I broke my rule and bought them each a program.  Before this idea they were complaining that they were bored and there was noting to do.  UGH!  Once the programs were in their little hands, they went from driver to driver getting them to sign the page with their corresponding truck on it.  They were so happy!   My friend was a genius and packed a ton of snacks for the kids and there were cups for water in the suite.  Two plus hours later we were heading out of the venue and onto get “linner” (lunch/dinner).  The kids were exhausted and so were we.  One major tip for a Monster Truck event, bring earplugs!  The trucks are LOUD!!!

That night I thought the kids would fall into bed, but they didn’t.  As soon as we walked in the door they wanted dinner and they were thirsty…parents out there, you know the drill.  Pumped them with some snacks and off we went to bed.  I was exhausted and I knew the next day was another busy one. 

Sunday morning, up and at 'em! I was able to do my Insanity workout, and get my coffee in, sans kids!  My dad and his wife had invited the kids, my sister and I to watch Mary Poppins at the local Dinner Theater, later that day and boy, was it was a great show!  The kids sat and watched in awe as the performers dances and sang all over the stage.  It was a great afternoon with the family and the perfect end to a great weekend! 

Not all of our weekends are like this.  I typically try to schedule more downtime, but I would not have changed a thing.  We experienced new things, hung out with friends and family, and we made memories that will not soon be forgotten.  Now, I ask myself, what will next weekend hold?!?!?