Irish Coffee Love

By Briana Berg:

As a certified foodie, there is truly nothing I love more than a good cocktail at the start of my meal and coffee or espresso to end it. Being able to combine the two, into one gloriously, caffeinated, concoction, is a dream come true. Enter, the Irish Coffee, a mix of whiskey, coffee, and cream. I don’t normally like whiskey, but this drink is my new favorite.

My love affair with Irish Coffee started a few years back when I spiked my morning coffee with Baileys Irish Cream on a ski trip with friends. It was light, creamy, and made my Saturday morning jolt a little more vacation-friendly.

In Ireland I was treated to an authentic Irish Coffee worth writing home about. With layers of real Irish whiskey, coffee, sugar, and thick cream, this drink was nothing short of perfection. Nothing I have had to-date has compared...until I stumbled into Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore for brunch.

When it comes to brunch cocktails, I don’t deviate. I am a Bloody Mary girl through and through. But when I saw the Irish Coffee on the cocktail menu at Woodberry Kitchen, I had to try it

And it did not disappoint.

Woodberry Kitchen may be one of my favorite restaurants in the world. With a hyper-focus on supporting local growers and serving Chesapeake inspired meals, WK dishes out food and cocktails that you can feel good about eating and drinking.

The Irish Coffee was no exception. Served on a tray, my cocktail came with each piece of the coffee-puzzle and I put it together on my own. My Direct Trade coffee came in an individual French Press with a timer alerting me when it was ready. The whiskey, soft and rich, was in a small carafe alongside thick cream and brown sugar. I was able to control the amount of whiskey and cream in my coffee, making it undoubtedly one of the best I have ever had.

I’m hooked and looking forward to recreating this drink at home on a snowy, Saturday morning.