Best Day Ever

Early Sunday morning, Doug headed out for a run and I ran downstairs to grab us each a coffee.  We had attended a gala in Baltimore the night before, thought that it would be a late night and opted to stay up there rather than drive home.  Later that day, we were headed to the Redskins game.

Doug and I were introduced to one another 6 years ago at a Redskins game. Our friend put together a fun group and got everyone on-field passes to watch the pre-game warm-up, prior to the Redskins vs. Chiefs game, October 18, 2009. Everyone took photos on the field, some with new found friends, but Doug and I never took one together.  I thought he was handsome and we struck up a conversation, but never took a photo together. 

Our friend's dad had tickets in a suite, so we ate and talked most of the game -- very little of it was watched.  Doug talked about working in sports and ate mini cupcakes with me, which I would later learn that he wasn't much of a sweets guy -- he was simply eating them, because I kept offering them and he just wanted to continue talking.

The game ended and we all went our separate ways, but not before Doug asked for my email address.  He later told me that he did that, because I could more easily ignore the email if I wasn't interested. When he told me that, I laughed.  I was smitten from the moment we met.

Fast forward to 6 years and one week later -

I said yes!

My friends had warned me that I wouldn't hear what he said when he proposed.  So, when I saw him down on one knee, I told myself over and over in my head "Listen, listen, focus!" Tears of happiness and joy were streaming down my cheeks and I've had to ask Doug several times "wait, can you tell me again what you said?" Although he did have to ask me twice -- once "will you marry me" and when I didn't answer (although I was nodding my head "yes" through tears) he asked "will you be my wife?"

I've been floating ever since. I'm incredibly happy, yet calm. I'm thrilled to start the process of planning our wedding, but ultimately it's not about the wedding -- it's about the marriage and I'm so, so happy to be marrying my best friend.