A Dream Come True

I met a vibrant and inspiring designer last year in September 2014, when I went to her second runway show, during 2014 New York Fashion Week (NYFW).  The next day, I was able to sit down with the designer, Carrie Hammer, and hear her fascinating story of how she launched her campaign "Role Models not Runway Models."

When Carrie received funding for her first ever NYFW runway show, she knew she didn't want to cast traditional runway models, as her clothes are custom made pieces for the modern, yet classy, woman.  Where, she thought, would she find such women to walk in her show? And that's when it hit her -- MY role models! She called women who had inspired her, mentors, CEO's, activists and tastemakers -- people who were making the world a better place and creating change that had people talking. 

Carrie turned to me and asked if I would walk the following year and without hesitation I said "yes!" Fast forward 6 months to Carrie Hammer's 2015 runway show when yours truly walked down the runway in a Carrie Hammer original, specially made for me.  The experience was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity -- how many "normal" people can say they've walked the runway at New York Fashion Week -- and I was honored and thrilled to support the designer and a woman that I call friend.  Below are photos from the event, as well as the link to my interview with Fox45.

The following week, I went in-studio with Fox45 to share the experience and talk about what it was like to walk in Carrie's runway show (clip here).

For more information on Carrie's line or her "Role Models not Runway Models" campaign, check out her website.