The Birthday Fairy

As a fan of birthdays, I wanted to create a new tradition, a fun memory for the kids, and pass along my love for their once a year special celebration.  After my husband and I separated, I knew the kid were going through a lot of changes and I wanted to do something special for them. The birthday fairy was born.

pompom balloons

The Birthday Fairy visits them every year on the night before their birthday and in order for her to come, the kids have to be sleeping. Yes. It's pretty much a birthday style Santa Claus visit. That is my way of getting them in bed a little bit earlier or at least on time.  I take whatever I have laying around and decorate their doors.  I usually raid my gift wrapping stash and use ribbon, bows and whatever else I can find that is festive and fun. 

The next morning, the kids’ faces are priceless!  Their door flies open and they take in all of the decorations. Their birthdays are a week apart so Connor gets his and it excites Taylor because she knows that her visit from the fairy is right around the corner! 

This was the first year that I did not have my daughter the night before her birthday.  She asked if the Birthday Fairy would still come.  It hit my heart really hard.  I decorated her door the night before, like I always do, and sent her a picture of it the next morning.  She couldn't wait to see it in person!

The kids have asked their friends if the Birthday Fairy comes to their house and they have all said no.  It makes me smile that they think about it and ask their friends.  This is something that they look forward to every year and I love doing it for them.  Just like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy, the Birthday Fairy probably only has a couple more years until they catch on.