Fast Five // 3.16.15

Fast five, similar to the former ICYMI, is an afternoon slate of short-form articles. Genuine Joy editors & writers will select one article from each sector and give you a two-sentence synopsis as well as the link to where you can read the remainder of the article. 


Fashion: Behind the scenes are wildly popular, giving people access otherwise unseen.  This month, snapchat is bringing the consumer closer to the fashion brand by going where most have never been. 

Fitness: Admittedly, I've tried half of these.  8 Amazing Fitness programs to try before bikini season arrives.

Culture: Want a luxurious closet without the high-end cost? Here are 11 ways to create a sumptuous closet for less!

Culinary: A unique twist on comfort foods with these mash-ups (think lasagna meatloaf and Caesar salad with pizza croutons)

Inspiration: A motivational quote on this Monday afternoon: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." Aristotle.