How you can Shop the Closet of Claire Underwood or Olivia Pope

If you watch "House of Cards," "Scandal" or, if you're like me, devours each episode, then you will thank me for introducing you to LookLive, a website where consumers can literally buy the same outfit the heroine wears on the most recent episode of your favorite show.  Don't have the budget for Moschino or Yves Saint Laurent? Don't worry -- the site shows the actual item, a similar item and a bargain option (for example, from H&M) of a garment in a comparable style as the one worn by your favorite actor. An added bonus -- you can click the "Shop" button, allowing you to purchase right then and there.

The site launched just two weeks ago but already covers an assortment of shows, across a variety of networks and a few handpicked celebrities.  Shows include: New Girl, Revenge, Big Bang Theory and Modern Family and celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Kendall Jenner and Jessica Alba to name a few.

In a recent article, LookLive CEO Chris Archer told Quartz that "accuracy is critical to the business, so the clothes are identified using an algorithm." Archer founded LookLive with CTO Gerbert Kaandorp, who holds a degree in artificial intelligence from the University of Amsterdam. “We’re a technology company,” Archer tells Quartz. “What indexes the clothes is more machine-learning-based artificial intelligence, rather than human curation.”

“Once we cover a TV show, or we cover a celebrity, we’re covering all of their content, not necessarily cherry-picking our favorite images,” he says. “If Beyoncé is photographed tomorrow, then we’re covering Beyoncé.”

Don't head to the site unless you have some time to spend looking around and adding pieces to your "closet." In the same way that binge watching consumes an entire weekend, this site has enough content and shopping opportunities to consume an entire afternoon.  Consider yourself warned.

images via LookLive