Fast Five // 3.5.15

Fast five, similar to the former ICYMI, is an afternoon slate of short-form articles. Genuine Joy editors & writers will select one article from each sector and give you a two-sentence synopsis as well as the link to where you can read the remainder of the article. 


Fashion: Etsy files for IPO // Etsy Inc., the global online marketplace for vintage and artisanal products, filed for an initial public offering that may end up being the largest for a New York-based technology company in 16 years. (VIDEO)

Fitness: Frozen Yoga? It's Snowga // Just as it sounds.  Yoga done outdoors, in the freezing cold snow and combined with cold weather sports, such as skiing and snowshoeing. Want proof? Search #snowga on Instagram to see 21,000 examples of people practicing in the snow. Brrr!

Culture: Snapchat's Threat to Google and Facebook // Launched in late 2013, Snapchat Stories are in the same social-media genus as Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, and Instagram photos. A user snaps a photo or a video and taps a button, and the video or photo is stitched into a single video. That video, or story, is then shared with all of the user's friends, but disappears after 24-hours. I jumped on the bandwagon and created a profile last night (You can follow me at hilary_phelps for behind the scenes (#bts) "snaps" of unfiltered photos + videos!)

Culinary: Why Restaurants are putting bacon on everything // From Starbucks to pizza, it seems as if bacon is every where and found on everything.  With the decrease in pork prices, the Washington Post says that consumers can expect to see this cured meat on a multitude of menus this year.

Inspiration: How to Make Friends Easily and Strengthen the Friendships you Have // Everyone is busy. Between work, kids, fitness and this thing we call life, friendships can get pushed to the back of the bus, so to speak. But, they're so important and truly enrich our lives.  Time Magazine gives examples, such as "having few friends is equivalent to the health risk of smoking 15 cigarettes a day." Call your gal pal now!