Letter Writing

I love writing letters. There is something so personal about sitting down and writing thoughtful words with a pen and paper by hand. Even the act of depositing the letter in a mailbox makes me nostalgically-cheerful!

Think about how lovely it would be to open up your mailbox and not only see a bill or credit card offer (that’s all that’s in my mailbox) but a personal note from someone you love. It could totally turn your day around.  

One of the things I like most about letter writing is finding beautiful stationery. The words and sentiments are great, but a beautiful image or color story make for something you can hang at your desk, tuck into your mirror, or save for a rainy day.

I send handwritten notes every chance I get. So yes, I go through a lot of paper goods. Below is a roundup of my favorite places to buy stationery, some costly others not so much. And truth be told, I like shopping for notes and cards almost as much as I like sending them. Now if only I could win a lifetime supply of stamps…

Favorite Places to Buy Stationery

1.     Trader Joe's – Surprisingly, I find some of the best cards here and for only 99 cents! They are both clever with silly taglines and completely sweet.  

2.     Papyrus – This is a no-brainer since their cards are beautiful and splurge-worthy. Sometimes I find them for sale (like my Christmas cards) at Bed Bath & Beyond. Other times, I just bite the bullet and buy them.

3.     A friend sent me some beautiful flat cards from The Forest Feast. The note cards are heavier stock and so they’re perfect for someone who might display the card in their kitchen or at a desk. The watercolor prints of vegetables and fruit couldn’t be more adorable either.

4.     Etsy  - Whenever I am looking for something homemade, I check out Etsy. I have a few favorite shops, including Pure Paper NY, but if I am looking for something specific, I just search for it on Etsy’s site. This is also perfect for monogrammed stationary – makes a great gift!

Anyplace I left out? Where do you find your most inspiring and beautiful paper products?