Fast Five // 3.10.15

Fast five, similar to the former ICYMI, is an afternoon slate of short-form articles. Genuine Joy editors & writers will select one article from each sector and give you a two-sentence synopsis as well as the link to where you can read the remainder of the article. 

Fashion: J. Crew carries them and Alexander Wang sent them down his runway this year, but ever wonder how something intended and created for the US military made it's way into mainstream culture and fashion? Here's the story of how the army jacket became a staple of civilian garb.

Fitness: A proposed bill is generating controversial responses amongst Puerto Rican residents who claim that the fines and civil penalties for "childhood obesity" outlined in the bill are unjust, overreaching by the government. What do you think?

Culture: A gold MacBook, HBO on your phone and a $10,000 watch -- everything you need to know about yesterday's Apple Watch event in California.

Culinary: Did you know PB&J was once considered a delicacy? A brief history on the popular,  anytime, kid-friendly food.

Inspiration: A women who is fighting for her life, practices yoga everyday, no matter the circumstances she is facing that day.  She documents her daily practice on her Instagram page.  An inspiring story about determination and love.