Almost half way 30 for 30 -- Year 5

It's hard to believe that we're almost halfway through the 30 days of fitness.  I've received emails and social media messages about all of the hard work that you've been putting in and it makes me smile.  I love that many of you have given Pilates a try and would love to hear your stories on the challenges or positive changes you've seen thus far!

This weekend wasn't full on exercise, but it was a lot of movement.  We spent Saturday afternoon with our mom, cleaning out our old house and going through childhood memories.  I'm always fascinated by the dynamics in families, and how some similarities between siblings overlap and on others, we're all so unique and different.  Two of the three siblings are keepers, sharing memories from every piece we touched and came across.  The third sibling is a minimalist, had great times with a certain toy when younger, but ready to move on and toss it.  Saturday was spent moving boxes and climbing up and down several sets of stairs for most of the afternoon.  However, we did enjoy a delicious slice from our local pizza place -- I'd forgotten just how delicious their pizza tastes.  While it wasn't "exercise" per day, we were on out feet and moving all day long -- definitely defined as active.

Sunday was a day spent cleaning and running errands in prep for the week ahead.  I'm traveling a lot the next few weeks, so there were a few things (dry cleaners, Costco) that I needed to knock out before boarding a plane.  After I got home, I laced up my tennis shoes and went for a long walk.  I'm so thankful the weather's warmer and the sun is out, because it makes getting outside more enjoyable and almost a no-brainer.

Yesterday was a really active day.  I did a HIIT leg workout early in the morning then had Pilates in the afternoon. Rather than drive, I laced up my shoes and walked to the metro.  To and from the metro and then to and from Pilates added about 2.5-3 miles to my day and was a nice way to get in some low intensity cardio.

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