Day 20 :: 30 for 30 + the Arena Pro Series in Mesa Arizona

Happy Monday! In DC, it's muggy and raining, but in just a few short days, I'm headed to Florida for a much-needed vacation.  Yes,  I'm literally counting the days (2 more to be exact!)

Last week, I was in Arizona for Michael's first race since last summer's Pan Pacific Games in Australia and it was nice to reconnect with friends and other swimming families, and under better conditions! (In Australia, it rained.  Everyday.)  One of my favorite things about flying out to the West Coast is the time difference. The three hour change makes it easier get up and at 'em, although on the flip side, I find myself ready for bed around 6pm Pacific time. Nonetheless, both mornings I was up early (4:30am), workout gear on and out the door.  While neither were particularly intense workouts, I grabbed coffee and watched the sun rise, while walking the grounds of a beautiful garden. On the grounds, I found a labyrinth, which proved to be a beautiful way to spend the morning. I had to keep my attention focused on the path I was walking (a great metaphor for life, as well), which ultimately was a great practice of walking and mindful meditation.

On Friday, my Mom celebrated her birthday and walked the grounds with me (rocking her MP Aqua Sphere shirt). It was a nice way to welcome the day and celebrate her special day, before heading to the pool for prelims and flying home that night.  We both had engagements to attend on Saturday and missed the last day of the meet.

Yesterday, I went out for a run.  I was advised not to run more than three miles, but ended up doing 4 and felt great. I've been having some pain in my SI joint (in my lower back) and a chiropractor said I shouldn't run -- that the impact was knocking my hips out of alignment. But recently, the area has been hurting again, and I hadn't been doing any running and avoided the elliptical as well (I thought that the shifting hips + pelvis was a bad idea), but it still hurt. I talked to a PT who works with the Olympic Team and he referred me to another chiropractor, saying that "not running" wasn't an acceptable answer (to which I agreed).  I headed out yesterday with the idea that "it couldn't get worse" although I avoided the sidewalk and did some of the run on a track. I went to sleep last night without SI joint pain AND feel great today.  I have to call for an appointment, but I have high-hopes that he can help me sort out what's going on and get my body healed and on a path to healthy. 

I had to laugh though -- When the PT questioned the "no running" suggestion and said that there was someone who could get my body back to healthy, he did say that perhaps Yoga and Pilates weren't a good idea at the moment, because of the hyper-extension of some of the poses/exercises.  Upon hearing this, I immediately went into defensive posture.  NO! "Okay, okay," I thought,  "I'll cut back on running but please do not take away yoga/Pilates!" I went into full on debate mode and said that I wasn't doing a ton of yoga, at least any that caused over extension and that my Pilates teachers were aware of the issue, all the classes were one-on-one and specifically tailored to my own needs and weaknesses. I can see that some yoga could be aggravating to an injury (over extension and hyper-mobility) but NOT Pilates, which was created as form of rehab in the 1920'swhen Joseph Pilates engineered a way to rig springs on hospital beds to offer light resistance exercises for bedridden patients. It was later used as rehab for injured dancers.  I wasn't keen on giving up running, but when it comes to Pilates and Yoga, I'll full on fight to keep those in my regimen.

Because I felt so great yesterday, I'm debating another run today and for that, I'd go to the track, which alleviates some of the shock and pounding from the sidewalk or blacktop. Later this afternoon, I have my beloved Pilates session (this is number 35).

So, Until Tomorrow, my friends.

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