Day 21 :: Went out for a Run

The title has been chosen only because it rhymes -- no run yesterday.  Although, some of the walk home from Pilates turned into a trot.

I made an appointment with another chiropractor yesterday and realized that there are two kinds.  One is a wellness doctor and the other specializes in sports rehabilitation.  One says "no running" and the other says "let's make a plan." The one I saw here in DC, I would guess, is more of a wellness chiropractor.  He corrects the imbalance and suggests ways in which to keep the alignment in place.  The one I'm seeing in Baltimore works with professional athletes, so his goal is to create a plan that will keep them "on the field" and performing at their optimal level.  And this is where I'm torn on which road to take.

I enjoy running. I thrive on the mental clarity that comes from getting out and hitting the pavement, but I want to keep my body healthy. So, which is best for me -- The happiness that comes from running -- if only for a few miles -- or keeping my body healthy and limiting the pounding on the joints from foot strike? Running is great for bone density, but so is weight lifting and Pilates.  Running is also great cardio -- but so is swimming and cycling.

I have an appointment with the new chiropractor when I come back from vacation -- I leave tomorrow and I've been jumping with joy over the much needed get-a-way. I look forward to walking the beach with coffee in the morning, Pilates + yoga on the balcony and spending time with Doug.

Yesterday, I took the metro to Pilates and walked home, for a total of 5 miles. It was a gorgeous day here in Washington and I took full on advantage of it.  I laced up my tennis shoes, grabbed my ear buds and off I went.  The smell of the flowers and people enjoying their lunch break outdoors was a sign that Spring is here, which, for me, makes getting outside and being more active an easy choice.

Until tomorrow...