Kids Korner :: *Me Time* …. Moms, don’t feel guilty!

Last week I went on vacation, without the kids, and I felt guilty.  As I packed, my daughter asked where I was going and it was hard to tell her I was taking time for myself.  I was going to St. Kitts, for five days, and I was looking forward to relaxation, lounging, no fighting and bickering, and no schedule.  I still felt guilty.  I had to remind myself that 99.9% of the time I am all about my kids, my work and making sure everyone is taken care of and only .1% of the time was about me.

As women, moms, aunts, grand moms, and girlfriends, we need time to do things that we enjoy.   We are so busy doing homework, projects, getting kids to sports, making dinner and worrying about the 8,000 things going on in our heads.  We need time to unwind.  We need time to relax.  We need time to sleep in and turn our alarms off.

When I got back from the trip, I was relaxed and ready to get back to the grind.  During the kids Spring Break I am taking two days off to focus on just them, during which it is all about them and doing what makes them happy (within reason, of course!) 

Girls, take a day for you! Get your nails done, go for a run, go shopping, have a Girls Night Out (GNO) -- do something for you!  In the long run you will be a better mom, wife, and friend.  You owe it to yourself and there should be no guilt!

What are some of the ways you relax kid-free?