Winding Down :: Year 5

I had a yoga teacher tell me once, the older I become, the faster the years go, because I have a greater perspective on time.  When you're a 5-year old child, you only have 5 years that you can account for and most of it, you don't remember because you're so new to this thing called life.  But when you reach 30, 40, and 50, you have more experience on which to draw and your appreciation of time is greater, because you've lived longer than the 5-year old used in this example.  That was a long way to say that each year, the 30 for 30 goes by more quickly than the last and this one is winding down with only a few days to go.

While I've worked out every day, I haven't written as much about my experiences as I have in the past.  I suppose because it's become one of the things I "just do" when it comes to my day, like a habit. There are a few "ah ha" moments this year that I'll share in my wrap up. To that end, no matter how many times we repeatedly do "something" we continually have the opportunity to learn something new each and every time.

On Wednesday I flew to Florida for a change of scenery/mini vacation.  Doug joined me on Saturday, so I had a few days to walk the beach, read and explore some adorable beach towns in the area.  I'll tell you more about these in a separate post. But, before I boarded the plane on Wednesday, I headed out for a 3-mile run.  Nothing fast, nothing long, but something. I had a connection in Charlotte and my college roommate and best friend came to the airport where we were able to catch up for a few hours -- moments like these make me grateful for having such wonderful people in my life. While I would have tucked myself away in a corner and read or done work, it's always nice to see someone who means the world to me and to have a friend who came to the airport to hang out with me, during the work week, for a few hours. (Thank you Kath!)

Thursday, I went for a walk on the beach in the morning and then did some HIIT. I've found a circuit that's part tabata, part HIIT that I like which looks something like this: 10 minute warm-up, 2xHIIT exercises on a tabata clock (20 seconds at 100% followed by 10 seconds rest - repeated 8 times for a total of 4 minutes).  I did one lower body and one upper body exercise followed by a 5-minute cool down and some yoga. I then jumped in my rental car and went off to explore Rosemary Beach and Seaside Beach where I rented a bike and spent a few hours cruising around the beach towns.  Divine.

Friday was another run and Saturday was HIIT. Sunday was a 4-mile run and today was another HIIT circuit, with plans for a long beach walk once the rain blows over. Up until this point, I haven't tried a new workout, as I have in years past, so when I return to DC later this week, I plan to try a new fitness facility called OrangeTheory Fitness. Have you tried it? It's a combination of treadmill interval training, indoor rowing and weight training, all wrapped up into a 60-minute workout and I look forward to giving it a go. 

I hope you're enjoying your Monday, wherever you are, and are thriving on 30 for 30! Until tomorrow...