Tuesday :: Day 7 of 30 for 30

Good morning! It's day 7 of our annual 30 for 30 and below I'll give you a recap of the workouts to date.  I also want to talk about something with which I struggle, on a daily basis, and what seems to be getting worse as I age.  Yikes.

Unless I'm traveling, I practice Pilates four times each week for 50 minutes a session.  I'm hooked.  As an athlete, who has the mentality of "no pain, no gain" the Pilates practice was foreign because it feels really good.  When I don't have class, my body misses the sessions and I tend to arrive to my session 10 minutes early every time, an indication that I want to be there. I'll talk more about this later this week, because it deserves it's own post.

This weekend, I walked. A lot.  A doctor advised against running, especially anything over 3 miles, because my hips have shifted and it wreaks havoc on my alignment causing all sorts of issues in my body. So, on Saturday, I laced up my tennis shoes and walked.  For 2 hours.  And I was sore on Sunday, but it felt good to just move. 


Yesterday, I went to a yoga session for the first time in months. I practice at home, but tend to stick to the poses I like and avoid the ones that are more challenging. I got some more walking in, by taking the metro to my Pilates session, which meant about 3 miles of walking.  I was thrilled by my full day of activity... until I dove into the Easter candy.

This is where I struggle. Big time.  When it comes to sweets and sugar, I have no "off" switch.  Sugar is truly an issue for me and I can't "just have one" of any kind of sweet.  On Sunday, we had delicious cake for Easter, followed by Easter baskets and treats that made it's way home with us that evening.  Yesterday, after a productive exercise day, I thought to myself "I'll enjoy one peanut butter egg -- just one." It didn't stop with one.  It didn't stop with two. I ate copious amount of Easter candy last night and at one point thought to myself "well, the quicker I eat it, the sooner it will be out of the house."

I posted about it on my personal Facebook page and received a ton of suggestions on how to completely cut it out. Because that's my problem... it's all or nothing, and when it comes to sugar, it wrecks all of the hard work I do exercise wise.  So, it's going. All of the candy left uneaten will find a home elsewhere and I'm going to say NO to having any sort of sugar in the house. I just can't do it.

I have Pilates this afternoon and will add in some cardio later this morning.  How's your fitness plan going? If you have any suggestions on sugar elimination, please comment in the box below -- all suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Until tomorrow...