Day Nine and feeling Fine

Good morning! It's day 9 of 30 for 30, and I'm feeling fine!

Yesterday was an early class at Zengo (a local indoor cycling studio) and I've found a teacher that I love.  She's authentic, plays great music and led a great class yesterday, when it was raining and all I wanted to do was sleep a few more minutes.  To be honest, I was in such a bad mood when I woke up that I drove to class, parked and for a brief moment, thought about skipping it entirely to instead sit in the local coffee shop for an hour or so. I'm happy that I stuck to the original plan and went to class.  It was what I needed to kick the crankiness out of me, but it took a lot to get there yesterday!

Later that afternoon, I headed off to Pilates.  On the days that I have a yoga or Pilates practice, I try to also add cardio. I've found the older I get, the more challenging it is to maintain or lose weigh and with my love of sugar + food, I have to do both.  See, I'm not someone who eats to live... I live to eat.  I love food, I love coffee, and I love dessert and in order to enjoy the things I love, I have to, at times, do two workouts. (then I saw this article about diet vs exercise as we age)

A chiropractor told me recently that I shouldn't run -- a three-mile jog or occasional sprinting were ideal, but no more distance running unless I wanted to be in his office more regularly for adjustments. For low-impact cardio, I've been walking and taking public transportation to Pilates which provides about an hour of walking. Otherwise, I'll hit the gym on the way home to do a solid walk at a massive incline or do a trampoline video when I get home.  I bought a fitness rebounder and love doing 20-30 minute videos with weights while bouncing on the mini-trampoline.

How's your fitness challenge coming along? What challenges have you experienced thus far?