The One Minute Rule

Some weekends are low key and relaxing, but this past weekend wasn't one of those.  Nope. No sir.  Thursday night, I emceed a great event in Baltimore and then to an event back in Washington, DC. Friday was an all-day conference in Washington, DC followed by a pre-Preakness party in Baltimore.  Saturday was a day of horse races and eating,Preakness, followed by a post-party, also in Baltimore. See where this is going? Lots of driving, lots of eating and not a lot of sleep. 

It also turned the house in to a messy disaster -- clothes hung in doorways, dishwasher not emptied and jackets draped across the back of the living room chair.  It was a mess.  Sunday was spent picking up and putting away, but also listening to Pod Casts, which have become something I've gotten into the past couple months.  I tune in at the store, when cleaning or commuting on the metro -- personally, I feel like it's kind of like multitasking with a dash of maximizing my time.

What I needed, prior to Sunday, was to listen to the very first episode of Happier by Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project and Better than Before, during which she talks about The One Minute Rule, a habit which helps to keep clutter under control.  Here it is: "If you have a task that can be done in under one minute, do it immediately."  For example, hang my clothes (or put in the hamper) from Friday night's party, rather than draping them on the chair or carry my shoes to the bedroom rather than kicking them off in the foyer (and leaving them there for the next few days).  The idea is, if you can complete these little tasks in real time, then things won't pile up, and take up more of your time, later.

This tool is one that I used immediately and will continue to practice daily as I try to maximize my time and be more efficient.  Have a tip that helps you be more productive? Share with other readers (and myself) below, please!