How To :: Create a "Lifestyle" Board of Directors

I had never considered formalizing it, or, naming it really, but at a conference, I heard a woman talk about her "crew," which she called her Board of Directors.  Basically, a group of friends, who don't know each other, or maybe they do, but who each have a different role or purpose in your life. In line with "surround yourself with the best people possible," this concept accounts for different areas in your life for which we often need help, guidance or direction. Brilliant.

Categories to consider:

Retail Therapy: We all have that fun friend, the one who effortlessly appears to have fun wherever she goes because she's happy, enthusiastic and energetic, all of which is contagious. This is the gal pal you love to shop with, have lunch with and you call when you want to check out of life's drama for a bit.  It's not about buying a new wardrobe, but more about being with someone who loves seeing where the day takes you and most importantly, it's a women who makes you feel good about yourself.  

Relationship: Find a woman who has a relationship with a significant other and ask her what works.  She's the woman you go to when you're frustrated, stuck or angry about a situation in a current relationship, because she's been successful in hers -- not because it's perfect, because she's stuck it out and can share her experiences with you.

Fitness: Who among your friends is super active and has their finger on the pulse of fitness trends? This is your fitness pal. Call her when you want to try a new fitness routine, but don't want to do it alone or when you need someone to meet you at the gym, to ensure you'll show up. It's much easier to meet someone for an early morning workout than to go alone.

Job Skills/Employment: Talk with a friend who launched her own business or someone who has a few years more than you do in the business world.  This is your go-to for career advice, resume review and mock interview run-through.

Spiritual: This could be a church going friend or someone who meditates often.  For me, spirituality means knowing that I'm not the center of the universe -- that there's a higher being out there and I'm not it. Ask a friend for tips on meditation or plan to attend church on Sunday with a friend who is an avid churchgoer.  This is personal and unique to everyone and will look different for each and every person. Find which works best for you and your beliefs and then seek out a friend who best emulates those traits and ask for advice.

Have suggestions, tip or a category that I missed, leave a comment in the box below.