Lessons learned from 30-Days of Fitness

This was the year I wrote the least. Of course, I can make up excuses as to why -- more clients, more fitness, etc., but the fact is, I just didn't make time.  I've been doing the challenge for 5 years now and over the course of 5 years, it's just "what I do" -- it's a part of my day. Perhaps it's time for a new challenge OR perhaps I write more about everyday, day-to-day things.  Feedback or opinions? 

Here are the lessons I learned from this year's 30 for 30:

  1. Pilates is wildly beneficial.  At the beginning of the year, when I started the practice, I thought it was silly.  It didn't hurt like other exercises and I was rarely even a bit sore afterwards.  To me, it was counter-intuitive to everything I've ever known. But, I lost 11 inches, my glutes are significantly stronger and my hips don't hurt when I run.  This is huge!
  2. It's my journey.  While running the other day, a person who I thought was less in shape that me, passed me.  I had a choice -- I could run, fast, to catch her and pass her, which would only be feeding my ego OR I could continue with the comfortable, feel good pace at which I was running and enjoy the rest of the workout.  I chose the latter... but the competitor in me seriously considered the first option. This is my journey and lately I've had the mantra "no matter how slow you go, you're still lapping everyone on the couch."
  3. It takes a village. I'm by no means old, but I am getting older and so is my body.  I need  help to make it run efficiently.  I found a chiropractor who I like, that I've been working with, a physical therapist and a person for massage therapy. I dedicate time to stretching after a workout, as well as using the foam roller daily.  None of these therapies, other than massage, are things I look forward to, but I know that in order to keep my body running at optimal performance and feeling good, they are things I have to do. Sounds so "grown up" doesn't it?
  4. I can't out exercise a bad diet.  I enjoy food, I love it actually.  I think about dinner while I'm eating breakfast and going out to a new restaurant is a wondrous occasion.  But, the more years I add to my life, the harder it is to "just work out" or "just eat really healthy" -- it's truly a marriage of the two.  I'm trying to think of food more as fuel, which helps me to choose nutrient dense foods over foods without vitamins and nutrients and incorporate cardiovascular activity everyday.  For me, Pilates and yoga are reserved for the second workout of the day and, unless it's active recovery, not used as the only workout of the day.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the 30-days of fitness as well as any suggestions for another 30-day challenge.  Is there something you're struggling to give up or something you really want to change? Send me an email or leave a comment in the section below.